Is time travel possible ?

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Is time travel possible I think yes and they are sending messages back as we speak. Beyond 2000 a TV show in 1999 with Gillian Anderson, In the program she said they are already doing it sending messages and film footage back in time. They send a beam into space and when it return its one week earlier.
Something happened to me my family and everyone i talked to in the area.

Submitted: July 07, 2015

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Submitted: July 07, 2015



I was working at a gas station in lake Tahoe California, I was looking at the clock and a wave went over the air like when you see heat rising from the sidewalk and the clock warped ahead 40 mins. We had an electronic safe and if the power went out it print out how long and it started printing a print out that the power was off for 40 mins but the power did not go off.
Everything felt really strange and i called home and told my family what happened they said they watching tv and a wave came over the tv and skipped to the next program 40 mins later but happened in 1 second. I finished my shift and went home, we had an old vcr and the time was going backwards. we looked up and a really old ceiling fan we had from the 40s. the fan started to bend and warp as we looked at it , we were in a log cabin and cracks started forming in the wood as we stared at it. All of our clocks were 40 mins ahead. except mine it was wind up timex my brother in law gave me that he got from an army friend. Everything started getting weirder and weirder giant cracks in the logs formed. The fan was bending back and forth. after 3 hours it stopped and we went to sleep. The next day i was getting ready for work and i looked outside everyone one the block was outside staring at the street. So i went out to see and there was a giant crack in the street and went down two blocks. Everyone said what the hell there was no earth quake yesterday. only that weird thing with the time and clocks. everyone on the block mentioned they had problems with their clocks.Our vcr went backwards from then on . The repair shop could not fix it. It got weirder i went to work that day and this very strange guy showed up and said he was an alien hunter. He told me he almost caught an orb once and he was investigating a government lab close to there. He said they had weird creatures and they were like mothmen. He also said they were doing strange experiments, He also said there was cross breeds of Greys and humans and my family looked like them. He said he wanted to take my brother into the woods to hunt orbs. Then he pulled out 3 very large guns, i said hello put those away are you insane. I told him i was going to call the cops and he left. The next day he came over to our house and insisted on coming in, my mom let him in because we wanted to hear about the experiments. He had a giant bag with him and poured out a bunch of guns, we said put those away or get out. He put them away and said he thought we were part alien. We asked him about the lab he investigated. He said they were experimenting with time travel. Asked again if he could take my brother out with him and started getting scary so we told him to leave and never return. He came by my job three more times. Last time he said they were after him and he was scared, I said who the aliens and laughed. He said no the government  and some strange creature attacked him, that looked like a giant bat. He said he shot at it point blank and it did nothing. So he got in his truck a sped away, he had radiation burns all over his body, especially around his eyes. After that i never saw him again. This is scary are they going back and changing our lives for their own personal gain, have people been erased from existence? This is the worst technology even known to man and could destroy the universe, do they use it for financial gain, yes - it is believed they had such a machine sending messages back in the world trade center. On the 77 floor where the second plane hit, I saw it and the plane warped through the building then disappeared into a puff of smoke. They found parts of the plane warped into the sidewalk, then closed off the city up to 14th street. People in the building said there was something wrong with the time, certain people took 30 minutes to get down 12 floors and others said they got down 60 flights of stairs in an impossible amount of time. The street was bubbled up and warped in a way that could not be caused by anything. They found paper and documents in perfect condition that had been in people pockets that were dead and gone, but no bodies no bones no piece bigger then a phone. Think about that all the office furnishing and desks all turned to dust. They found 6 firemen in a building next to the world trade center a year later and the building had been checked several time the bodies were in perfect condition like they had just died. I could go on and on but i wont- ill leave you with that was the most paranormal weird event in history and a well know New York post reporter took photographs of a flying creature that could be described as the moth-man or a Gargoyle flying over the wreckage the day after the disaster. Another reporter said she was close to the second plane and said there was no windows, a bump on the bottom of the plane like it had warped and bubble on the bottom of the plane. I personally saw part or an airplane engine under an awning where it was impossible to be no damage to the street and the sing was bent in a curve bat no damage on the street or scrapes or burns, like it just appeared ! i will leave it there or i will go on typing forever. Time travel is a fact and they are changing our lives, a secret group of men that work with moth-men type creatures. this is not fiction this is fact but no one cares or they are involved and these men have technology they are to stupid to use and they are and have changed the world for the worse. My film predicted this event two years before it happened but no one would listen, my next film the end of the world ptoject.Check on facebook for the group. Sound crazy? this is all fact and i can prove most of it. If there is anyone left thet does not want the world to end i suggest they help me before its too late....11400 People read my fantasy letter to my fanasty wife but will probably not read this. Maybe its time to wake up world or maybe just look back down at your phone as the flames come at you...Idont know whats most vast the universe or humans stupidity- Albert Einstein


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