Man drunk in a bar

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A joke, made up

Submitted: July 03, 2015

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Submitted: July 03, 2015



A man walks in a bar already a little bit drunk, Man says to the bartender- Hey i will got sit in the corner bring me two shots and every time you see they are empty bring me two more. The bartender replies- sure 

For a hour the man is drinking the two shots drinking one and opening his pocket and pouring it in his pocket, his pocket is not wet at all. Everyone in the bar is starting to wonder, what is he doing how come his pocket is not wet ?

Many bar patrons go over to the bartender and say what is up with that man, why is his pocket not wet, does he have a funnel in his pocket going down a tube into a bottle and hes saving it for later ? 

Finally after everyone in the bar asks the bartender- he say fine that man is quiet and no causing problems but i will ask. 

He walks over to the man and says- excuse me sir, i do not mean to bother you or anything but, what are you doing with the other shot? you are pouring it in your pocket but it is not wet ? Do you have a funnel in your pocket connected to a tube and bottle and your saving it for later ?

The man stand up angrily and punches the bartender down, then says fuck you you stupid asshole i do not have to tell you anything. 

Then a little mouse pops out of his pocket and says- that goes for your fucking cat too jerkoff.  

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