Putting memories in a note book of life,

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Submitted: November 07, 2009

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Submitted: November 07, 2009



Putting memories in a note book of life,

the car cries in the night anticipating

he fight with love and the desert animals calm him,

he win the fight with the light and love is free....

Flames and dust rising from the sea,

all the sea creatures are free,the sea comes to life...

Should we question the power is it the right hour,

it will be more difficult then climbing a tower,

like walking through the shower,

of rain that wont cower ,blooming like a flower...

Now is the time to be a hero,to save life,

to save love,its comes from the rainbow a wind from the sea,

a love that wants to be free...

Wings in the sky,a love you cant denie,

 a love that can make you fly,

sometimes it makes you cry,

the love that takes you above the heavens...

A love you cant take away,

it takes your heart astray and always leads you the right way,

you can fly on the wings of a angel when you feel it,

the love that transcends reality to a higher dimension,

the love that get all your attention,

with this love there is no prevention,love is my intention,

your love saves me it sets my heart free,that kind of love is destiny...

The freedom of the light,

the end of the fight,

thats where your love takes me,

free as the wind through the trees,

ocean waves in the sea that is where your love takes me,

my love is released and i am finally free...

Sunbeams in the darkness,

ring you to me,the sun rise in the morning reminds me of you,

sunlight at the end of the day and my dream begins as your face shines through the night.

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