The hidden princess

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Princess Alya was always thought she was ugly and not a good person because thats what her parents always told her.
She had low self esteem and they were using her and sucking off, her and playing sick mind games on her.
when really Princess Alya was the sweetest kindest most wonderful girl and she was naive but only because she was so nice she always got hurt. now it was time for alya to live her life and not to be held prisoner. By her evil mother and her father that was just weak and controlled by her mother.
Aly always thought her father was on her side but he never was he was moms little puppet and anything mother said he agreed with no matter how insane, cruel or mean it was.
Alya wanted to be free!

Submitted: November 18, 2009

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Submitted: November 18, 2009



The sun rose  from the desert as the dawn touched the mist moving slow across the desert. The mist covered the castle like a dark haze, everything got quiet. Princess alya was crying her self to sleep as she did every night,Alya was very sad. Locked up in the tower away from everyone. She could only leave for her lessons and that was her favorite part of the day. She liked her teacher fiona and that was the only time she got to go out. Alya would wake up every morning to watch the sunrise and every morning she started the day thinking maybe i can leave the castle ? maybe today ,its been so long. Alya had only met a man for a date once and her mother had set it up. his name was prince henry and he was very rude and ask her to do stuff. she didnt understand, henry got mad and said you will sleep with me. Alay said i will not that is a sac ride thing and i dont love you. Henry got very angry and told her she was to ugly anyway and would never be able to make anyone happy. Never have a man ,henry said you might as well be dead you will never be happy or be able to make a man happy, and henry laughed and laughed. Alya felt like it was true and left crying. Her parents were very angry and said you wont date again til your 30, besides who would want you ,your no good and ugly and no man would even look at you,Come on alya face it ,your a failure in life. Her mom snickers as she leaves and Alya says daddy help me its not true is it ? her dad looks at her and says go back to the tower No lesson today.

All alya could think about is that day one year ago, she was out in the court yard and there was a wagon with fruit on it a delivery for the queen. she saw a man he was the most hansom man she had ever seen. She thought if i could have him i would run away give up this life of captivity and suffering. Alya knew there was something better for her. her only dream was to get married and be happy and have a family a real family. Alya family was unlike any other,her mother was mean to the core and her father only played nice. When anything came down to it her mother had the last words. no matter how mean , no matter how crazy her mother got. he always went along. What alya didnt know is the man she saw , saw her too and thought the same things she did. His name was dantar and he was a simple farmer. He was a wonderful man caring and kind but also a great warrior , He stopped fighting < He always had a problem with killing a man even his foes. So he became a farmer, Dantar had saved all of his gold and earnings and bought a giant sailing ship. He thought one day he could ask the princess to marry him and they could sail around the world. That was his dream but he never even could talk to the princess. She was always locked up in the tower, a few times they connected eyes ,they both knew it was true love.

The next day Alya woke up at sunrise as she always did today was different somehow. She felt really happy and she looked forward to the day but she was not sure why. Then she heard ,scratch sss,cratch.. at the window she looked out and there he was Dantar, Hello my sweet angel he said as he bowed. Alya giggled and smiled,hello she said ,Are you here to rescue me ..he he she giggled again..Alya was in shock she was not sure if this was real or just her dream, then dantar put his hand on her chest, I can feel your heart and your love ...on his knee he said will you be mine.. Alya fluttered and got a little woosie. Dantar stood and held her close. Alya felt so safe so loved so happy and then she said yes i will my heart and my love is yours. Dantar smiled and said i will return in a month and then we will escape... Do you like to sail? asked dantar .. Yes ,alya replies.. well I have a ship in the harbor and it will be all ready for travel in one month and I will take you any where you want to go ,my princess Alya smiled and gave him a small kiss. Dantar climbed out the window ,alya waved to him dantar I love you thank you my love. Dantar said and every day i will write you a letter and fiona is my sister she will deliver it to you. Destroy every one when you have read it . we both know your parents would do anything to stop you being happy. We will talk in a month. He climbed down the castle wall and left. Every day after that she got a letter tell of his love and the sweetest kindest things she ever read. Alya was almost 18 ,what she didnt know is her mother was keeping her locked up because she and enchanted her ,to keep the enchantment she had to keep alya locked in the tower. A month had passed ,there was no more letters 2 months passed no letters and she had not seen fiona for 2 months either. Alya was very worried and scared and sadder then she had ever been. What happened she thought did he die ? did he stop loving me? Then she started freaking out she thought to her self i know what happened he realized im worthless and left me. She said to her self im ugly and not even a good person that why im locked in this tower. Thats what her mother always told her,so she started to believe it again. Then she thought ...No it cant be true and read the letters again and again and again ,No she thought theres something wrong. The next day she could hear a big fight in the court yard. Then she heard him it was dantar it was him, she looked out her window and he had taken down most of the guard and his sister was wounded but alive next to him. She ran to the tower door down the long stairs. Dantar yell stand back my angel you shall be free in a moment. The door flew open and he was standing in front of it bleeding down his head. Alya said Oh my your hurt, No he says Im fine help me with my sister its time to go. They all jump into a wagon and rushed to the harbor. As they went out the castle doors Dantar threw something at it. Alya asked what was that...It was a spell my my princess now they are trapped like they trapped you. The only way out is to be kind and nice. That the only way to break the spell, Alya laughed well i guess my mother will be there for a long long time and my dad .Well lets just say everyone in there, Yes says dantar they are all evil i doubt they could ever just be kind or nice ..Dantar laughed with her.. The next morning they were well on their way sailing off to the north sea... happy and free....

Back at the castle the queen was waking up, she always looked in the mirror first thing and had her servant tell her how beautiful she was but today something was different ,then she remembered the enchantment ,The deal she made with the witch said it would only work if she kept her daughter in the tower ,the queen was very old and she was stealing years from alya it would take full effect when she turned 18. It was not working any more the queen was getting older as Alya traveled away. The king woke up and said , Who are you ? why do you have the queens cloths on that is punishable by death, Look at me you idiot i am the queen> he looked at her and said not any more old lady < guards and they took her away and put her in the tower. The king could never leave the castle again nor could anyone they were all evil ..they stayed trapped there forever...

Dantar and Alya lived on the ship for several years and then they seddled down in Scottland and had many children and lived happy for the rest of their lives.........THE END 

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