The original sin

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The true history of why the world is cursed

Submitted: July 02, 2015

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Submitted: July 02, 2015




The original sin by - Angel 

A very long time ago when This planet was young and and dinosaurs still walked the earth, Man was still walking on all fours. scavenging for anything they could find to eat, usually small defenseless creatures. They could barely conceive the idea of fire as the hid in the caves and would sometime even eat their own babies for food, they were to scared most of the time to take down any big creatures. They did not speak yet only grunt, crawling around like monkeys, one tribe was a little further advanced. The leader would sometimes take out a hunting party for big game, one day the leader grunted to the others and motioned it was time to hunt. they strongest of them followed him out of the cave, as they approached an innocent large vegan animal. They ran up and all stabbed the creature as it cried out and fell to the ground, They heard a loud noise in the shy and looked up. They saw fires in the sky as the burning ships approached the land crashing into the ground, they moved closer to see. When they got right up to the craft a door opened and a creature emerged then another and another. It was the insect creatures that escaped from Mars, they had no way to realize these ships had crashed all over the earth. A bastard creature that had destroyed their planet and were condemned to death by the gods of the galaxy, they radiated with nuclear waste. They had a giant war and destroyed their planet with waste and a pyramid was set in the sand that turned the planet to sand, they could no longer live on it. They had technology and could mess with time as well as telepathic powers, They could only fashion a rocket for a one way trip to the earth. These creatures made the cavemen their slaves, which way easy with there telepathic powers. They were vampires and lived on blood, as they entered the cave, the tribe of cavemen cowered as these creatures threw down the meat of the fresh kill. As the young ones moved closer in wonder one of the creatures grabbed her with its wings and sucked her dry of blood, she fell to the ground, none of the caveman did anything for they were in a trance. The creatures were jealous of humans because they were A sexual and could not do what humans did, There was 3 of them and they went deep into the cave because they could not tolerate light it burned their skin and would kill them. Also they could not stand salt water, after that the humans would serve them for many years bringing them any other cavemen that they could find and their children sometimes. To the human cavemen they were Gods, they served them as sheep being their meat, with their red eyes and giant wings of leather they only only go out when there was no sunlight. They could not live on just the cavemen so they would go out and hunt once in a while and bringing back some of the meat, giving it to their slave. One day The humans were out hunting a saw a glorious site it was a giant star shaped craft, as it flouted down it turned sideways and dug its self into the ground. when it was done only a small tip of it sticking out of the ground remained, with a giant crystal on top and looked like a pyramid. It was the angels sent to irradiate the cursed vampire creatures that escaped from Mars. They were gentle and kind beings of light, they had brought their race with them only a few hundred had bodies in in a crystal was they rest of the souls 144,000 souls. With them they brought giant birds called Rocs that were almost as large as the dinosaurs. In the beginning it was easy. The rock birds went over over the land killing the virus creatures, right away these creatures noticed there numbers were going down, with only less then a hundred left they would hide in the caves and cower in the darkness. The humans would hunt for them and bring them meat as well as and other humans they found. The Angels started bringing the cavemen into their Castles they had build with massive stones, which was very easy from them because they had anti- gravity crystals they could move the stones with. They also covered their ship with stones, they gave the cavemen special drinks that made them smarter, feeling sorry for their new pets and laughed at how they would learn so fast. they played and gave them cloth and beautiful golden toys to play with, as the humans got smarter and started to talk they got more and more evil and jealous of the angels and their wings and powers. there were 8 humans they bought in the castle, now they stood upright talked and had logical thought . It was the biggest mistake the angels ever made unknown to them the humans were sick with jealousy and the would meet with the vampire creatures. Most were scared of the angels and would not conspire , but the three that originally took these humans as slaves were angry their slaves were smarter and not as easy to control. They told the 8 humans a plan to sneak in and poison the angels. So they did , the angels were having a big gathering with most of the flock to celebrate, there were only 70 vampires left and soon they could propagate their people. They let the 8 humans join the party innocent and kind as they were they had no idea the evil the humans were capable of the humans in the room where the Angels kept their drinks for the party and poured in to poison given to them by the evil creatures.The angels had their party and even danced and sang for the 8 select humans they now loved as pets, like people love their dogs, they danced and sang and played beautiful music. All the angels started to get dizzy and fell to the ground.The humans and vampires entered the castle, they tried to stab them but couldn't so they cut off all their wings as they laughed with the vampires. The angel had three leaders the eight humans kidnapped the two men, one they cut up like meat as he screamed and the humans had him chained down. All the angels still groggy from the poison could feel everything every cut as they cut him into pieces, he was still alive blood still flowing. They put him into a big pot as the vampire ate his penis and laughed a evil loud laugh, the rest they made a stew and shared with the whole tribe. They sat at a large table the vampire had made and spoke these words- Take this this is the flesh of our lord eat of it so we can be like him - then lifted mugs the vampire had made of gold and said - Drink this this is the blood of our lord drink of it so we can be like him. Immediately the earth started to shake all around them , the humans ran and hid a ginat slab of stone fell on the vampire and killed him, smashed like a bug. the humans returned eating the rest of the stew, mean while back at the castle all the angels still dazed and crying, screaming in pain feeling every bite and every chew and even being digested. The humans made show to drink every drop of the blood as they got high with blood lust, saving a few pieces still alive blood still flowing. By this time the Angel were fully awake, female angel had gone insane feeling all that pain and the loss of her mate. Back in the cave the two other vampire had his brother doing horrible things to him in a cage raping him in the ass and cutting and torturing him to the point of insanity. the human stood over him and laughed. Eventually they cut him to pieces. The female angel got her rock birds and got him back but could not find and parts of her mate, together in thier insanity they cursed the earth- He said i will now be known as sett and what they did to me they will do to each other over and over and cursed homosexuality on the earth and torture let them repeat this a billion times. The females said- i will be knows as Isis and cursed the planet and women kind to bleed every month from their vaginas, together they said and out brother shall be Osiris God of the dead and no dead will ever rest again. The crystal on their ship broke off and flew in the sea, the ground started to shake and a desert started to grow from their ship. The whole planet stated to shake their spell so power full it killed most of the mammoth dinosaurs, the 8 humans escaped and became gods to men know as Zues the female and Hera the male..more to come 


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