The Original sin part 3

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This is part 3 to the original sorry its mixed up i am writing it on my phone in my spare time so i really do not care what you think i am merely writing it down,,,still a interesting read

Submitted: July 05, 2015

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Submitted: July 05, 2015



The day was sunny and the pyramids were finished, it had been a long time since the Angels left the city. The grass was green and the trees were green and flourishing, only part of the green had become desert from the Isis's curse so many years before.
The Pharaohs had lost grace and some had been corrupted with human DNA. The gods and goddesses were angry, they sent one of their angels with a message to remove all their daces and names from all books, carvings and statues. The Pharaoh made a decree  
that all the face faces on the statues be removed and put animals faces on them instead only a few carvings and statues were left with Osiris and Isis. The gods then said Call us Veird and Amen and we shall give you a guide and told them how to make gliders and machines to make life and work easier for them and they designed the first glider, so they could fly like the birds and their angels. they were already well rehearsed in medical techniques and could preform brain surgery, among many other medical  techniques. The Egyptians had lost so much since losing the arch, the angel would only show up once in a while and had lost some respect for them, because of there ways and barbaric burial methods. The pharaohs believed them selves to be gods being part angel from many decades ago, they believed when they died they would live in an after life and buried the kings with massive amounts of treasure. The Gods looked poorly upon this because they did not care about riches only life, the Gods also left them with the ability to communicate with their dead relatives. The desert still grew from the pyramid, their original spaceship the angel arrived in, The area was once filled with green grass and trees. Most of the descendants of the original angel had left loosing faith in the Egyptians and their ways, the Gods always kept a watch on them and had a glimmer of hope they would be of light but the angel seed was quite polluted now with human DNA
Only the priests were left for the kings and queens had become jealous of one another fighting for power and wealth, even sometime killing each other for the thrown. The Gods were very angry at this for their quest was not to gain power only to preserve life.
Seth was most angry because he was deemed evil and he only worked with his brother, by this time the stories had been changed and perverted saying Seth had killed his brother and cut him into pieces, when that was not what happened. The eight humans that had done the original sin had now gained quite a following and revered as gods and goddesses by the Greeks. Even though they were long dead now. The sons and daughters of Hera and Zeus lived high in a mountain and with the help of the vampires, the original virus to this planet, The vampires were many now for they were A-sexual and did not need a mate to to create eggs and would lay many eggs. These creatures not more insane from the eating of flesh of angels, the sin they repeated on occasion, when they would find a half angel alone and could not fight off the hordes. They control a large army now and had their spawn all over the earth, the legends and stories now perverted and changed by Greeks and Romans. They would burn all the books and traces of the true history, to hide the original sin. Even the original 8 knew it was wrong and by eating they also gained guilt and some good. The vampire creatures were also jealous of humans and sick in their minds. they originally came up with the plan to have the humans eat the angel because they them selves were angry. with human kind after they first came from Mars many of them were weak and were killed and eaten by humans. Till this day they wreak revenge for this. They have many different forms some close to insects, some closer to reptiles some with wings very intelligent and some very stupid. they had one similarity to the angels they are as one mind and could communicate telepathically, they also had many powers. Some gained from the eating but were not capable of human speech  , they could easily control humans but not any humans with even a dot of angel DNA, which angered them profusely. That day over 9,000 years ago when they had found many of their reverend-children slain by humans. They came up with the perfect plan. Their plan worked well, the gods of the Angel were kind and understanding and said- we shall give the humans 10,000 years to correct this mistake, they are but children and do not understand what they have done. Now 10,000 years had passed  and they know well they did and would destroy the earth
before paying for their sins. They have went so insane they think when the god of the angels return they can take the place of the angel seed they have now almost totally wiped out. They think God is stupid because they never payed for the sins, they lived in the lap of luxury killing who ever they wanted and never paying for their sins. What they never thought of is this was all a test and they have dammed the human race to be destroyed.They somehow think if the human race the whole earth is destroyed they will never have to pay. God has set a  side a special prison for them though a dimension and hell that only their mind could of created. The angels were not sick and twisted enough to think of this. With each horrible crime they did they added another punishment, another sick twisted horror they will endure not just once because each time they will die. No creature could live through this prison they created, it will be a sorta virtual reality but feel 100 percent real to them as they repeat this horror again and again for all time. What is the stupidest thing is none of this had to happen, even they were offered redemption but could not accept it in their sick virus ridden minds. Meat pollutes the mind no creature is meant to eat another creature. The earth is also virus ridden and created and bastard creature, for her herself consumes her own creations to survive. This is why the vampires were even allowed to come. The test was also for the earth, all the traits humans have come from her she is jealous of the angels and nourished and protected the vampires, kept them safe in her caves deep beneath the the ground. She has blood lust that eats her young, to consume her own creations. That in not balance of a circle of life its a circle of death. Intelligent beings and other planets do not do this and will never understand it a million deaths for one life will never be equal of balanced. This is why God and the angels lost respect for the earth, she was given a chance because she was young just a baby. She desired and decided this for you not the angels , remember this when the flames are coming at you. The angels tried everything in their power to save you and the earth decided, her jealousy was more important then survival. Hers or yours - the angels tried for 10,000 years to save her and you and were killed, your defenders and protectors and lawyers. Now there are only a few left and they have been treated like crap and suffered all their lives still trying to save you- news flash Jesus never died for your sin he never existed and the angels will not either. The last one that cared was murdered 4 years ago and her children don't want to save you anymore. sorry guys.. you can read this and hope i am full of shit but we already predicted the biggest terrorist attack in history two years before it happened and now we say - the end of the world project- is our next project so, whose crazy me or majority rules, we shall see soon enough. The end of this segment.


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