the purple rose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

the purple rose ..true love lasts forever

The princess with fire in her heart

A very long time ago there was a beautiful princess she was the kindest sweetest most wonderful girl but she never knew because her father the king and her mother the queen were evil and mean.
Since she was a little girl they told her she was ugly and they always told her she was bad.
So she had very low self esteem and she didnt think she was beautiful or good, until one day she was in the court yard.
She saw a prince sitting on a white horse and she was in love at first site, he was a great prince.
She had heard about this prince he was a very good leader and his people unlike hers were happy and taken care of in the kingdom.
Her parents had planned to marry her off to an evil prince and she was so unhappy about this,what she had not known is he saw her too and fell instantly in love with her.
He came closer to her and hopped off his horse and spoke these words to her, greetings fair princess, he said you are the most beautiful girl ive ever seen.
He pulled a purple rose from his pocket and said this in no way compares to your beauty.
She smiled but she didnt think she was beautiful and she said to him i dont know why you think im beautiful but im not , ive been told all my life im bad. the prince looked at her and laughed joyfully and said you are the most beautiful girl ive ever seen and i can see a kindness in your heart like ive never seen ..
The prince had a power he could see if a person was good, with one look he knew she was the sweetest kindest girl he had ever met.
He moved closer to her and kissed her softly on the lips and held her in his arms tightly she had never felt so happy or safe in her life but her mother the queen saw them and screamed guards seize him.
12 men went outside and more were coming the prince fought off the 12 men with ease and jumped on his horse and started to ride away.
He said i will send you a letter every week until i can find i way to save you from your evil parents ...
She yelled no dont leave me but there were to many men and he didnt stand a chance against so many.
He threw her a kiss as he rose away into the sun and a haze covered him and she could see him no more.
The castle guards took her and locked her in the tower her mother came up to the tower and said what were you thinking what were you doing ..
princess alya said im in love and he loves me the queen laughed and said who could ever love you ,your ugly and bad just like me.
She believed her and started to cry ,then thought to herself shes right im no good who would ever love me and started to cry and cry.
She lifted up her hand and there was the purple rose.
What she didnt notice is there was a note wrapped tightly around the rose and she removed the note and there was a written a poem on it, she started to read..with this rose i purpose to you love, you are the most beautiful girl ive ever seen, like the sun you warmed my heart and the moment i saw you i knew you were mine,I love you in my heart you will always shine,I see the beauty in your heart as well as in your eyes, i now know true love and nothing will evade this love,i look at you and i see whats inside and you are pure and innocent like this rose you are special and she felt the words and she knew everything her parents ever told her was a lie she remembered her life.
How she was always getting in trouble for doing good and helping her people and those the times her parents told her she was evil ,to them good was evil but how would she escape.
Then she thought her brother was always unfavored because he was like her but became evil after all the horrible things the king and queen had done to him she thought maybe she could reach him.
That night when the servants brought her food she sent a note to her brother, brother dear brother come speak to me,.
The next day her brother come to the tower he came in the tower room and looked at her, he started screaming what have you done father is so angry and slapped her.

She just grabbed him and hugged him very tight something only his sister did.
His mother and father never hugged him or said they loved him.
She said dear bother i know you still have some good inside you, dont let them turn you evil and cruel like them.
Remember the way we were ,dear brother haun when we were little ,you were good and all you ever wanted to do is help your people.
Think of the way you were ..he thought long and hard and said you are right sister i am good what have they done to me.
He thought about all the horrible things they had done to him to make him mean and he said i am not evil.
I want to be good ,that was the first time they had really talked since they were kids.

I will help you sister, what can i do ,she looked at the rose. She had not noticed but there was something inside it . She peeled the peddles away and there was a locket inside...fashioned of gold ,she opened it and there was a small painting of her and a small painting of the prince.
She showed to locket to her brother and asked do you know him you always travel you have been all over the land .
He looked very close at it and said yes i know him our army lost several battles to him father has tried to KILL him over and over but hes too good.
I always had a high respect for him ,his name is prince Zor ,there is no way he or any of his men would let me any where near the castle, we are at war.
An evil look passed over her brothers face, he took out his sword consorting with the enemy..he said, i should strike you down where you stand.
She cowered back and said brother no remember what you were ,then she remembered that her brother always was good.
Until one day her father put a ring on his finger she thought it must be the ring, its enchanted , its evil he swung his sword at her and she jumped down grabbing his hand and pulled the ring but it was tight and only moved a bit.
Then she screamed its the ring brother wake up i know your not evil look into your heart he hesitated for a moment, she grabbed her chair and hit him with it.
He went down ,she removed the ring and started to shake him, he awoke very confused.
What happened alya he asked, last thing i remember we were playing in the court yard and dad said he had a present for me,he looked at himself ,Oh my god ,he said Im a man.
He remembered nothing of his life just vague details, then everything came back to him ,he was ashamed of his life and all the evil things he had done .
He bowed his head and said im forever in your service sister and grabbed the purple rose and locket ,i will help you i will deliver a message to Zor even if it kills me.
No brother she said , but she couldnt stop him ,he ran out and locked the tower door.

After she could hear him still talking going down the tower stairs ,saying ive never even known love all.
All I ve ever known is evil ,that bastard, i was not even allowed to decide over my own life.
Ive done so much evil in my fathers name, i will rectifie this even if it kills me.
That was a happy thought to him he was having a hard time facing all the horrible things he had done in his life.
He went to the guard and said i am going to the edge of the fores,t i need 12 trusted men and will follow my every order and not question it no matter how insane it sounds.
12 men stepped forward and bow we are at your command prince.
They set on there way they rode for several days and reached the outskirts of the forest. There stood princes Zors kingdom and a beautiful crystal castle.
Haun had never seen the beauty of the castle like now its like a blind was pulled over his eyes and now he could see ,one of the guard came over and asked what is your plan prince Haun.
Are we going to try to sneak in you know theres no tricking prince Zor, we will all be killed. Before prince haun could say a WORD they were surrounded be prince Zors forces. One of the men shouted no retreat never surrender and the 12 men pulled their swords and attacked.
They were taken down in a matter of minutes only prince haun remained.
He was surrounded be 50 men, prince Zor said stop dont kill him he has the rose prince Zor rode t words him and said what kind of trick is this.
Why do you have my rose prince haun pulled out the locket and said, i come with a message from alya.
Prince Zor did not trust him and jumped from his horse and flew at prince haun knocked him from his horse and they rolled on the ground prince Zor was sitting on prince haun and had his sword to his neck.
Prince haun pulled his sword out , threw it away ,Zor looked at him with a confused look. You wont defend your self ? prince haun said i come with a message of love from princess alya i am her brother.
I am not evil i was enchanted by a ring my father gave me and yes i have been evil and done horrible things but i come in peace now.
Only with a message of love, prince Zor ,let him stand , ok i will listen whats your message .
prince haun said , my sister is trapped in the tower and my parents plan to put a spell on her to make her evil and she will forget love and not even be a person.
Like i was, until she remove the ring my father gave me ,
prince Zor said i cannot enter your kingdom or do anything.
I love her but last time i barely escaped with my life ,last time.
One of Zors men came over and said , prince the rose of invisibility.. if you give it to her she can leave and never be seen,
Prince Zor didnt trust prince haun, how do i know that this is not a trick if we give the rose to him and its a trick they will use it for evil.
Get the rose said prince Zor and the knight left to get the rose he returned a little while later with the rose and handed it to prince haun and said i had our wizard enchant the rose if anyone tries to use this for anything but true love they will die.

he handed the rose to him , be careful he said not even you can use its power unless its for your true love.
Each person that holds the rose and uses its power must have true love, if you dont you will fall dead.
If you try to use its power ,prince haun put the rose in his pocket and started back ,after a long ride he reached his kingdom and was met by the king and his guard.

Where have you been he asked and what happened to your men prince haun said we were ambushed and only i escaped .
the king didnt doubt his story he thought and led him back to the kingdom and left him when they got to the castle.
As he entered the court yard he could see the princess crying in the window of the tower and saw her servant leaving the tower.
He stopped her and asked her whats going on she said tonight your parents are going to the evil wizard to cast a spell over the princess to make her like you evil.
Then she bowed expecting to get hit but the prince didnt hit her.
She was surprised he looked at her and said i must see her and he went t words the tower entrance.
4 guards came from the side and said no one is the enter the tower not even you princes haun.
We have orders to kill anyone that tries even you , special orders from the king. Prince haun thought should i try and fight my way in but he knew that those 4 knights were the best in the kingdom and he didnt stand a chance.
He thought clearly his father didnt trust even him . he waited til everyone was asleep.
He looked out his window at the tower , the 4 guards were still there.
He remembered what Zor said if he used the rose and didnt have true love , he would die but he didnt care.
He had done so many bad things in his life if he could do this one unselfish thing in his life maybe just maybe he could make up for some of what he had done.
He went out to the court yard and approached the 4 knights ,they asked him what are you doing prince haun. he didnt answer.
He rubbed the rose and became invisible and walked around them and started up the stairs.
He could already feel the effects the of rose , he almost didnt make it to the top of the stairs and the 4 knights were behind him.
He struck out with his sword and they all fell down the stairs and died stumbling over each others swords in the fall.
He rubbed the rose again and was visible again he kicked the last door open and the princess was standing there ,you look terrible brother she said what happened?
He could barely talk but he gave her the message and told her of the rose then fell to the floor.
She screamed out nooooooo ,his last words were it was worth it, i did it for true love your love.
I am finally free and then he died , she took the rose and rubbed it and walked to her horse and rode to the edge of the forest.
Prince Zor was waiting there she jumped off her horse and ran to him as he ran to her.
They embraced and kissed , she said i love you i think i always have, and he said as i love you and i always will and they returned to his castle and lived in peace harmony and love forever.
They had a love that was so strong it still can be felt in the air when ever anyone finds true love they feel the love that princess Alya and prince Zor have and that love will always be there ...


Submitted: November 17, 2009

© Copyright 2021 emmet braun. All rights reserved.

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Mistress of Word Play

I love happy endings. You did such a beautiful job on this. You have a great story line and the characters are so very well developed. You have a great writing style that just pulls you into the story. The plot was good and I really enjoyed the smooth easy flow of the story. I give you an I like it and say Great job. Susan :)

Sun, November 22nd, 2009 5:01am

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