this love is beyond my control

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i love you more then the sunlight of day,

i love you because you took the tears away,

i love you a little more every day that passes,

you changed my heart and showed me what real love is,

now my is blooming like a flower,

you may be little but your love shines higher then any tower,

your love is your power,

everything you are and everything your going to be,

you made me happier then knew it was possible to be,

everything you are is perfect because god made you for me,

your now in my heart and there you shall always be,

your my angel and my destiny...

lightning struck the

in the clouds love was created,

stronger and more beautiful then ever seen,

it made angels fly,

spreading the love all over the earth,

the angel inside you moves me,

deep in my soul,

this love is beyond my control

Submitted: November 07, 2009

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