wake in the dawn of your love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: November 07, 2009

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Submitted: November 07, 2009



wake in the dawn of your love ,

with the fury of light,waves in the air touch your

passion that burns like the fires of of hell and cooling like the light from heaven,

released in the darkness the absents of light,

something always shines,the light from your heart,

masked in the darkness release your soul,

from the mountain ,from the sea ,

flying through the sky your soul is free,

one breeze of sunlight makes a rainbow in your heart,

with a spark it will start,

the flames reach so high above ,

the electricity felt across the earth ,

thunder in the sea,in the wake of birth ,

the tree is alive,awake,flowers blooming under the water,

she can see you pain,the oceans daughter,

coming into me with one wind of the healing mind,

your heart timid and kind,air breathing in the desert,

love awakened in the rivers,move into the clouds,

a tower built in your honor,the proud queen,move among us unnoticed,

only the love can save her,them it comes,angels sing for a reunion,

the joining of darkness and light to make the perfect creature,

to save the light of love,smoke rising from the ground,

love never dies,its rejuvenated in the water of light and the air of the land,

it moves like water through the sand,the rain comes again,

a crack in the sky love comes through,the eye of truth is apon you,

love is here and it will be yours forever,

join the the love the power smashes the sea,

the wave has come the moonlight of the day.....

from the darkness i awake from rain i come,

water in the vein of life,

i come to heal you,touching my hand to the earth ,

fire from the clouds,love stands strong ,

the ship crosses the sea and will never surrender,our love has built this tower,

standing tall,the stucture of emotion is the devotion of love,

to move through the air it touches your soul,exploding in the light,

the fear is no more,earth ,water ,fire and air,the power of four ill open the door,

are you ready for whats in store,get awake,feel the earthquake of love,

exploding like a volcano,blowing faster then the wind,

crashing waves on the sand,shaking of the land,that is the power of love,

i will bring the moon and the stars to you,grab them out of the sky,

the strange and wonderful effect of the shadow,shinning light lets you free,

for love must let you free,the sparkles in the night move across me and you ,

love is awake ,the love shines through....the dust is awake...

© Copyright 2020 emmet braun. All rights reserved.

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