When i met Wesley Snipes

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This is a short story about when i met Wesley Snipes on the filming of The Fan

Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015




I met Wesley Snipes on the set of #The Fan he came into my place of work and i was looking at him didn't notice who he was at first, i shook his hand and my hand was wet lol he said -hi I am Wesley and we spoke for a long time about film, i apologized for having a wet hand he said its okay, after that he came in several times and my boss said follow him he looks like a shoplifter, i laughed and said he definitely s not , he spent 10,000 across the street today but my boss was racist he was doing marital arts in the store lol he came in a last time and told my boss he has a message for me but there were 30 Japanese tourists there and could not make his way to me i never got the message! to this day i wonder what he wanted to say to me. I also met Robert De Niro- He was not as kind, my fellow employee was a big fan of his and she asked him for a Autograph, what he said set her into tears, i am not sure what he said but i went over and said to him that was cruel of you makes a young girl cry, he turned to me and said i could make you disappear , I laughed and said okay man i still think you are a jerk. he left with a model on his arm - across from Barns and Nobel 1 astor pl. nyc after that and before i always wants to be a production assistant and so i am but it took many years to get into.

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