This is Where I am From

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From ducks; aromas; classrooms; books; hardships; this is where I am from.

Submitted: July 01, 2012

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Submitted: July 01, 2012



I am from the sunny days of feeding ducks.

From accompanying my grandmother in the kitchen

From waking up at four am

And seeing my father off to work.

From laughing with my mother

And seeing movies with my friends.


I am from the aromas of the cookies my brother sometimes makes

From tasting the sauce of the spaghetti my dad makes

From the smell of my mother’s perfume

And my flower-scented one.

From root beer scented pencils

And scratch-and-sniff cards.


I am from the classroom where I learn

From the house where I hear my mom calling my name

From a different house where I taught my sister ABC and 123

From the hospital I visited people

From the library I spend hours in


I am from getting lost in books

From dancing along to the radio

From my left hand hurting from writing a story

From taking care of my little sister and brother

From singing slightly off key to my favorite songs.


I am from the hardships of life

From dealing with bullies, enemies, and frenemies

From losses in the family and near-losses of friends

From struggling with grades and health

From my anti-socialness and self-esteem.


This is where I am from.

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