Genevieve, The Creation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short story based on the song "The Mechanical Girl" by Voltaire- attached below.

Submitted: September 27, 2014

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Submitted: September 27, 2014



The trumpets blew early on the morning of August 21st. The king's men all hustled to his highess, King Augustine XII. 

The King waited in the great hall, pacing morosely, and staring at a painted portrait of he and his beloved wife, Clementine. His tall stature cast an enormous shadow along the walls. When his men arrived, he greeted them with a sigh. 

"Gentlemen.", He breathed, "What do you see when you look around this castle?"

"Beauty!" Shouted one

"A great man!" Bellowed another

  ''Grandiose decor!" Yelled a third.

  "Wait!" The king stopped them, "While you are not wrong, my castle is a thing of beauty, it is missing something very important."

 The king's men looked at eachother, puzzled. They uttered a collective "Huh?"

  "It is missing the touch and spirit of a Queen." , declared The King. "Ever since my dear Clementine left, our home has be left with a sense of loneliness and gloom." 

 "What do you wish we do about it, your Majesty?" inquired Bertram, The King's most dedicated knight. 

"I want you to search the kingdom, and find me the most beautiful, exceptional woman there is.",  He ordered, ''Tell her that she will be showered in riches and gifts. Leave no home unsearched, and no forest unexplored."

  " Do you wish for us to find a woman who resembles Clementine?" asked Cecil, who was not very bright at times.

"Go!" shouted The King. 

The King's men scrurried outside, and mounted their horses. Off they rode, scanning the kingdom for beautiful women. At the first house, there lived a widow, who had a lovely face, but was much too tall for The King (Whom was a tall man himself). She simply would not do. At the next home, there lived a man and his new, young bride. Tiny in stature, but big in voice, the King's men felt that she would give His Highness a headache. The third house was home to a lovely redheaded woman. Her voice was mousy, and she was always smiling. She seemed perfect for the King...until her wife walked out from the kitchen.  Another bust.

 They were beginning to lose hope. Home after home, neighborhood after neighborhood, no one was good enough to please the King. 

"Perhaps we should go back.", breathed Claude, a worrywart, "We'll never find the perfect Queen."

 "Absolutely not!" retorted Bertram, "If we come back empty handed, the King will have us drawn and quartered."

"He never said that!" replied Cecil.

"He didn't have to. His expression said it all.", Bertram hushed his sputtering horse, "Now, ride on!"

 The horses galloped on into the night. They ran, and ran far into the forest. Eventually, the sun disappeared behind the mountains, and the trees grew dark. The only light in sight, was in the small window of what looked like a cottage in the distance. Intrigued, the King's men approached it.

Dismounting their horses, the King's men walked curiously up to a tiny stone house. Basil, the brave, knocked on the door. A small, old man opened the door. His shoulders slumped forward,his body permanently bent, as if the weight of his years had proven too heavy to carry. He smiled, with a hint of worry.

  "Hello?" He uttered, his voice soft and shakey "What can I do for you, gentlemen?"

"Greetings, sir." responded Bertram, "We are on an official mission from His Royal Highness, The King."

 The old man gasped, and dropped to his knees. "My apologies!" He sputtered.

"Off the floor, sir." Ordered Basil, "We are not here to frighten you. Tell us, what is your name?"

 "M-my name is Fredrick." 

"Fredrick, hmm. Well, we are searching for the most beautiful woman in the kingdom to be a bride for The King.", stated Bertram.

"Well, I-I regret you inform you, gentlemen, there are no women hear.", replied Fredrick, "I live here alone. Just me and my inventions, I'm a tinker- you see. My wife passed a few years ago, and my daughter died this past summer." 

"Our condolenses." nodded Cecil. "We'll be off, then."
The King's men went to turn and go back to the castle, unsuccessful in their quest. Before they could, Bertram pointed out the shadow of a woman emerging from behind a wall. 
 "Wait!" He shouted, pointing as the shadow grew, a figure approaching. 
Basil drew his sword, and pointed it Fredrick's throat "Do you dare lie to us?!" He thundered.
  "N-no!" Stuttered the terrified old man, "I can explain- she's not real she's-"
 "Not real?" Interrupted Basil, pushing the tip of his blade slightly, "Not real how?"
"She's an invention! A robot!"
The King's men looked stunned. 
"Bring her out." Ordered Bertram.
Basil lowered his sword, and Fredrick turned to fetch his creation. He came forward with a young woman in hand. She had pale skin, with small bow lips, and emeralds embedded in her doe eyes. Her hair was midnight black and her dress was a light, corsetted blue. She was lovely.  The men came closer to further examine her. Each finger moved with the sound of a gear grinding. Her head turned to reveal screws behind her curls. Her lips moved, but no sound emerged but the sound of the mechanics within her.
 "She's gorgeous, but what can she do?" asked Cecil.
"Oh, she can do just about anything." answered Fredrick, "Can't really speak though. Haven't found a voice that's just right quite yet." 
"She's perfect." stated Bertram, "We would like to present her to the king."
 "I'm afraid I can't do that." declared Fredrick, "You see, I made her because I miss my family, she looks just like my girl, Genevieve-that's her name, and she's all I have. I couldn't bear to l-"
  "But you can bear to displease The King?" Basil chimed in, making sure his sword was seen. 
 "Of course not! But-"
 "Then it's settled." agreed Bertram, "Take them back to the castle!" 
 "No, please!" begged Fredrick, and he and his creation were grabbed, and placed onto the horses, who galloped with haste back to the castle.
 "Hurry!" Bertram shouted, kicking his horse, "If we're quick, we can make it back to the castle before dawn."

 It was just before sunrise when the men approached the castle. They dismounted their horses, and Basil and Cecil held Fredrick and his creation in their hands.  The King was asleep when he heard the marching of his men entering the castle.  Aggrevated, he arose, grumbling to himself.

"What is the meaning of this?!" He shouted.

"Your higness, sir, we apologize.", retorted Bertram, "But we believe we have found the perfect woman to be your Queen."

"Hm? A woman you say? Present her."

Cecil stepped forward, bringing the mechanical girl closer. 

The King looked intrigued, as he examined the woman. He gazed into her eyes, amazed. 

"She's beautiful!" He declared. 

"But wait, there's more!" interjected Cecil, "She's also a robot."

"A robot?" questioned the confused king.

"Yes, she was invented by this man here." Basil stepped forward, Fredrick shaking his head in fear.

"Who are you?''

Fredrick cleared his throat, ''My name is Fredrick, and yes, she is my creation.'' 

 "Does she cook?'' asked The King

"Well, yes, but-"

"Does she clean?" 

"Yes, sir, but I really thi-"

"Is she loyal?"

Fredrick felt defeated. "Yes, she is very loyal."

"Wonderful! I'll take her for my queen!" The king declared, delighted. 

"Please! No, she's all I have, please! I beg you, mighty king!" He desperately pleaded.

The King looked at his men, and gestured with a flick of his wrist. Basil took Fredrick outside, and threw him onto a horse. The horse trotted away. 

The King smiled. "You've done a fine job, gentlemen. Now, leave me to my new bride. You may have access to anything the cook has to offer." 

 The King's men cheered, and The King whisked his new queen away to his chamber.

  "Aw, what a beauty you are.", he kissed her hand, only mildly surprised by the cold metal. "Do you have a name?"

The mechanical girl said nothing.  

"A woman of few words." concluded The King, "That does not bother me at all."
He took his new queen in his arms, and pressed his lips tenderly against her cheek.  Suddenly, something incredible happened. A rumbling was heard from within her, and she began to quake

  "What's happening?"  The King asked, puzzled..
The mechanical girl broke from The King's arms. With an incredibly loud crash, rocket launchers  and flamethrowers exploded from her sides , and she started to grow. She grew taller, and taller, until she completely outgrew the castle! Lasers protruded from her eyes, and she beamed them at the wall, destroying it. 

"RUN!" screamed The King,  who ran away as quickly as he could to his horse. 

The King's  men looked on in utter terror as the mechanical girl demolished the castle. In minutes, one by one, each of the King's men were crushed under the feet of the angry robot.  The King screamed in agony as her lasers shot through his chest.  With The King and his men all dead, the mechanical girl stomped her way through the kingdom, leaving carnage and destruction in her wake. She stopped, when she reached a tiny stone house past the forest. Her demeanor turned softer, her weapons retracted back into her body, and she shrunk back to her normal size.  
Hearing the commotion, the old man walked outside. His eyes lit up, and he smiled. 

"Genieve!" He exclaimed.  The mechanical girl smiled, her eyes lighting up. 

Fredrick took her in his arms, and embraced her, reunited with his daughter once more.

~The End~

© Copyright 2020 EmmiAnnemarie. All rights reserved.

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