Too Much To Do

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Thoughts...not much more to say to be honest

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



Too much to do

Too much to do

Not enought time

Thats what it feels like

At least in my mind

Everyone epecting

Everyone knowing

That I should do well

If I keep on going

Parents wanting time together

To sit arkwardly until I 'need the loo'

Why do they want that

When I have to much to do

Teachers wanting revision done

Epecting us to be 'above the line'

I know I need to revise

I just need the time

All I want is to sit down

Relax, for a minute or two

But thats not possible

With all these things I need to do

What about me?

Its my life

I should be able

To spend it how I like

I shouldn't be stuck with all these rules

All these closed doors

I won't get anywhere

Stuck indoors

Please let me out

To do my own thing

Its my own space

I need time to think!

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