i think i love this guy.

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Its about a boy called xaviour that is madly in love with a gorgeous boy called Aidan, but theres one problem,
Aidan has already got a boyfriend, he has to make a choice between Xaviour and Connah (his boyfriend) and the effects may be devastating. please comment as i want to make my work better x :3

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012




Okay, i dont know how to start this. Hi my name is Xaviour and i'm 17 years old. I'm passionate about music and i love to play my xbox, oh and also im gay.

I didn't choose to be gay, believe me i wouldn't have chosen it if it were a lifestyle choice, i mean i get that many people hating just because im gay, i mean im still a person, anyway. more about me, i cut myself. Whenever i feel lonely and hurt i sit alone in the dark and watch my blood trickle down my arm, i secretly wish i could meet someone that would change me.

My school. thats where it all began. This beautiful mess. 

baisically, I was in music, playing the guitar to some Bring me the horizon, wishing that i was more like Oli sykes,  even though my hair is just like his, i don't feel the same vibe, when i look in the mirror i dont think Oli straight away, i first think. Gay.

Anyway. i meant to tell this stupid journal thing what happened. I was plugging my amp in and rocking out when the most beautiful boy i had ever saw strode in across the room, i could tell though, i could tell he wasn't straight. I dont know how but, i kind of sensed the fact that how he walked, how his long blonde hair swept over his bright blue eyes, how his muscles rippled through his shirt, it seemed eveyrone was okay with him being gay.

He was coming over to me, i couldn't believe it. My heart started racing and i thought for a second  he could hear it because he pulled an odd expression, his lip ring pulled tight across his cherry lips. how i wanted to kiss those lips, i had to fight the urge i had to touch his immaculate body. His voice was angelic, yeah i know im a guy but that was the best day of my life. He asked me if he could listen to Bring Me The Horizon with me and i said course, trying not to show im gay or anything, but then when i thought he was going to ask me the dreaded question, he asked me if i wanted to "hang" at his.

Naturally i said yes, as we had spent the rest of the lesson getting to know each other, i also plucked up the courage to ask him what we were doing at his... he gave me a mystic answer of "stuff" and then he winked, i mean he winked! at me! my heart was pounding and i felt light headed, he was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me.

"well i've got to go, see you later, at seven, my house" he pulled a cheeky smile and as i grinned sheepishly at the piece of paper he had given me, with his number on it, his address and his name, Aidan, must be a name of a god because he surely looks like one.

So i went to his huge house and he told me that his parents were in london for the weekend, so we'd have the house to ourselves, i thought of this in a dirty way, well i am a teenage boy, even if i am gay, He chuckled at my feeble attempt to be dirty minded. Then he threw me an Xbox controller.

We played a game i hadn't heard of before, and thats when we started having a proper conversation. I started it off by bitching about the games that have romance in them.

" I hate it how all of these romance games and movies never include gay people, it makes me feel sick." i shot a quick glance to see he was smiling again, his hair swept aside by his beautiful hand that was wearing a ring, i would ask him about that later.

"its nice to see someone has the same view as i do, but it doesn't always have to be that way you know." he bit his lip ever so gently just so that i could see him do it,  he leant in ever so smoothly that i couldn't resist, i ended up leaning backwards and he put his hand around my neck, i put my arms around his, my hands stroking his face, and he kissed me, first it started off as just gentle and timid but as we progressed i felt really strange, my crotch area was twitching in a way and i knew i wanted it so badly, then he kissed me harder, moving backwards and forwards as our tongues touched, and he clambered on top of me and started unbuttoning my shirt and sliding it off with ease, i felt awkward, but i did the same and then tugging at his lip ring i started to unbutton his black skinnies, feeling the bulge underneath.

We were giggling as we did this, both of us, in our boxers, on his bed, making out. This was the best kiss of my life, and it came so naturally. All the other guys i had kissed  just didnt feel right compared to this. I looked up when i heard  a slight cough, Aidan carried on, moving backwards and forwards on top of me, lust overpowering him and i carried on kissing him, but then i had to break away. i was slightly out of breath. There was a boy standing in the doorway.

"Aidan, who's that?"  i exclaimed as the other boy looked at me with absolute horror. he went white but replied so smoothly.

"I was about to ask the same question." he said, glaring at me with a stare as cold as ice.

"ummm this Xaviour, is my boyfriend. I'm sorry you had to find out like this." he  looked sorrowful but also that face he had pulled with guilty pleasure expressing.

i felt like crying. of course he was his boyfriend, i mean just look at me. ugly brown hair, brown eyes, scars all up my arms, against a muscly, black haired, green eyed beauty. I stood absolutely no chance.

i thought to myself, and then i just ended up saying. "oh, of course he is, i'll be going." and i pulled my act together and started buttoning up my shirt.

"No! Xaviour, stay, listen Connah, i have something with Xaviour, from the very first minute i saw him i knew. you've given me nothing but trouble." he glared at this boy "Connah" and glanced at me and nodded.

Connah replied with a smooth, ice-like answer for the second time.

"fine, i can see our marriage plans mean nothing to you, why don't you just propose to him, heres the ring." and he threw the ring in Aidans face, to which he was taken totally aback.

"Maybe i will."  he said in a finalising tone that indicated that the discussion was over, but i sensed it wasnt. i couldn't believe it, was he really going to do it? i was so confused that i had this in just one day. He got down on one knee and asked me... i started crying. i don't know why but i did.I instantly said yes, Connah's eyes widened as we left him there, heading for my house, to tell my parents, i knew they wouldn't like it but they could piss off, i  think i love this guy.

"Mum, Dad, I've got something to tell you." i sucked in some air and glanced at Aidan, he nodded and smiled, reassuringly, holding my hand as i got ready to tell them.

"Im marrying Aidan." he giggled as i said it and squeezed my hand, my mum looked delighted and squealed and kissed me on the cheek, but my dad looked outraged.

"The day you marry a bloke is the day you leave this house boy....." he was bright red like a tomato.

"Mum will you help me pack?" i looked at Aidan, i was worried, i didn't know where we would go, but he had an idea, his second house, on  the coast, we'd be happy there. I could drive us there. But where would we get the money from? Im sure we'd sort something out, anyways,... im marrying the man of my dreams!

My mum helped pack everything and we were in the car ready to go, the next time we'd see my mum, id be in a car  saying just married, i said this and started blushing and aidan started teasing me, then we parked up somewhere and once again we started kissing, and it got too passionate, i knew when as i was driving, in my boxers, his hand sitting on my lap, my crotch area twitiching,

That this was truly my happy ending.




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