Love is a dangerous game.

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baisically its a sad story about an overpowering love, of a boy and a girl who truly would do anything for each other.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012




“Kurt, but what, how can you say this?” I looked, teary eyed at my computer screen and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The ruthlessness of his words, the way he had looked at his computer screen and told her straight out, she was the only one he truly trusted with his life, that was so close to ending, he knew, from that moment he had feelings for her, that he loved her, and wanted to hold her, never to hurt her, but he could bear no more of this.

“ I can’t stand it anymore, I love you too much, but it will never be. I’m sorry it has to be this way.” What they both didn’t know was that behind their screen of their computers, there was two lonely, broken hearts, two people who were perfect for each other and in love, both crying at what life had become, for her, an innocent mess turned into darkness, bloody loneliness,

For him, the same as he had ever known, the darkness, the disappointment, the way everyone treated him, he decided. He was going to do it.

He had it, to his throat, ready to tear through his flesh, all of his major arteries and veins, he was ready to die.


I couldn’t do it, I don’t know why, I think she stopped me, the thought of me hurting her so much, the thought that she would have done the same, and that killed me. I couldn’t physically do, mentally I thought I was strong enough, but I suppose I had a kind of intuition, a telepathically, ringing of her beautiful voice in my ears, her angelic face in my head, and even though I can’t live without her, I couldn’t do that to her, I still believe that she’s the one, like she’s perfect, she’s the most beautiful and talented girl I have ever met and I suppose I can’t wait, she’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and I think that it will be a sad day that I have to part with her.

Oooh, she’s online, I think I’ll speak to her, she’ll be happy that I didn’t do it, I know how emotional she is though so… I’ll go around it carefully,

He licked his lips and sighed a little sad sigh, he never wanted to hurt her, because the day he hurt her would be the day he was finally alone, the day he truly died, both body and soul, would she attend his funeral?

“Hey babe xxxxxx” he always said this as he knew it annoyed her.

“What, what? You’re alive? Why….im scared.” Behind her screen, her eyes went big, she was truly terrified.

“I’m alive; you want to know what saved me?” He knew she’d be crying by then.

“Of course I do, I really do want to.” Her eyes were streaming, she sighed and then hiccoughed, she was relieved but also really mad, she had made her mind up, and she was going to shout.

But he replied, too quickly for her to retaliate,

“You, your voice saved me, I only did my shoulder” he smiled, his eyes streaming into his black fringe, hers into her dirty blonde fringe.

“you didn’t do it, for me? “ she cried harder at the fact that he had said he hadn’t done it, for her sake, her passion and love for him increased and she felt a surge of gratitude.

“I love you, there’s no point, nothing in my life without you”

“I’ve got to go…<3 love you”

He cried more, was this sign of weakness? He had to know… why he had cried when she had not said she loved him back properly?


It was horrible; I was talking to Kurt at one minute and then, an email in my inbox, it made me cry so much, I felt like I was drowning. It was Tommy.


I have always loved you and don’t forget that, you’re the most amazing person I have ever met, you’re beautiful, and you have made the little life I had left bearable, you changed my life so much, when my dad was throwing punches, blind drunk and I had a black eye, you cared for me, like my nurse, you punched that guy when he called me a prick, when people were laughing you were always there, you held me when I was scared and alone, when I needed you most, you were always there, you were my best friend, it took until the end to find that I had proper feelings for you, it’s sad to think that in another life we could have been together, happy.

I’ve probably already done it, by the time you read this, I have got my good friend Zacky to send this to you, no doubt he’s crying over my body,

Please don’t do anything stupid, I’m not worth it and you’ve got so much left in you, you’ll find someone better.

I promise I’ll watch over you, and I’ll love you forever, from heaven and hell, whichever I get to first.

If you promise to meet me here, when the time comes, I will still love you, I promise, even after all of your years of oldness… you’ll always be beautiful to me, no matter what anyone says, you are, you’re alternative and that’s a good thing.

I love you so much that if you had stepped in, I couldn’t have done it, but because I didn’t tell you earlier, I think it was the best way.

You may be weirded out that you’re reading an email from someone who’s dead, but I meant it all the same whilst I was alive.

Thanks. For everything. I mean it.

Tommy xxxxxx

Ps. Zacky wants you to call him when you can.

I called Zacky, he told me had done it, stabbed himself, he had been into hospital but he had died.

I couldn’t stop crying and my parents repeatedly asked why I was crying, I ignored it all the same, and just sat alone, wanting to speak to someone, for someone to hold me, then I remembered I never replied to Kurt.

“Hey I’m sorry, I never replied, I’ve just found out, my friends killed him.” I waited I was still crying, I desperately wanted him to comfort me, as had realised I loved him so much, he was pretty quick at replying, but no reply,

“Kurt I need help. Please help me.”

Still no reply. I waited a couple more seconds; I looked up at my ivory ceiling, the moonlight, and the stars out, Imagined him being up there, tommy, where he was truly at peace.

Then at last, a reply, but it wasn’t Kurt, it was one of his friends I knew quite well. His eyes were teary and I somehow knew something bad had happened, Kurt knew I would die for him and that I loved him so why would he? I was so confused, the tears came out, pouring down my top, making me all wet, but I didn’t care, and it reminded me of the rain. The beautiful rain.

“Kurt killed himself, earlier, he’s gone” he looked serious, I knew I could trust him.

Not realising I was still on cam, I rushed downstairs frantically and grabbed the biggest knife I could find, I ran back upstairs as fast as I could, without dropping the knife and I locked my door.

He was watching every second of it, his friend, not even trying to stop me, my palms sweating, the blade dropping, me picking it back up, shaking all over, and finally me plunging the shiny thing into my heart, over and over, the excruciating pain too much to bear, I wanted to go, I wanted it to end,

And as blood poured out of my chest, over my white my chemical romance t-shirt, from up my throat and out of my mouth like I was throwing up, in the last few seconds I could see, I saw him tumble into the room, with his “swagger” as he called it,

In just a bathrobe, dripping wet and he had a face of horror, my eyes went huge as more blood poured, gurgling out of my mouth.

So he hadn’t killed himself. That was my last thought before my world went black and all of my senses had failed.

I felt like I was flying, in the darkness, among the stars, in the moonlight that I had once looked up to.


I watched her do it can believe that she did, she knew she couldn’t trust him, I feel so angry and confused right now, I’m watching her die, I’m such a sick person, I have to go and save her!

He jumped on his friend’s motorbike and got ready to accelerate, when his friend came out screaming, he punched him so hard that his friend was rolling on the floor and so he just rode off, toward her house, toward her room, should he just walk in? He knew her parents were out as it was Saturday, the most beautiful august day,

such a nice day, to die.

He got to her house and opened the front door, he did a mad dash to get to the room that she had locked so well, in the end he kicked the door in, as he was a brown belt in kickboxing.

There she was, on the floor, soaked in blood, spread out like an angel, he picked her up in his arms and he screamed, this wasn’t fair, all because of a sick joke, why her, he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life, without her his life had no meaning.

She had a note stuck in her tiny hand, the hands that remind him of all of the things they did things together, it said:

Kurt, I love you, don’t ever forget that.

He cried ferociously and kissed her tender lips once more, they tasted of her blood, but he didn’t care, as he had loved her so much that blood wouldn’t put him off.

He had spotted the knife, they had once discussed that if they died they’d have to die together and under the same circumstances, so he took the knife, his long black fringe, once again over his eyes, that were streaming down onto his pale body , and he stabbed it right into his heart, and turned it round and round like a corkscrew until there was nothing but blood everywhere,

He held her in his arms once more and went to join her and her friend tommy, as he hoped, so badly, the pain would cease, but it didn’t, he had lost all of his senses, all of his thoughts, he was neither happy nor sad, angry nor relaxed, he seemed more peaceful, and he closed his eyes, holding her, helping her as she had asked so much, and departed the life he had hoped to spend with her.


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