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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Clohe is unexpectedly taken from her home to her actual home.

I sit here. I wait. I wait for the extraordinary to happen, but it never does. My sister is still busily ignoring the world, my dad is working harder than he should, and my mom is trying to down another bottle before she gets dinner on the table. That's just life though, right? Everyone has their thing, but then there's me. I get on my computer, but find nothing worth staying on it for. I don't have a job and I can't drink, and all my friend's have decided to be busy like they usually are.  It's safe to say I'm lonely. 

I sit on the couch; I stare at the TV for a full minute, then get bored. I want to talk to someone, but who would I talk to and what would I have to say. Sure, I have nothing to lose, but I don't want to risk anything if it turns out I do. So here I sit, nothing more to do then just let my brain melt as I lazily begin to slip from consciousness. 

Then things changed. 

The front door swung open and a tall boy with black hair and purple skin burst through the door. No one in the house moved. My sister and dad continued staring at their computer screens and my mom was digging through the liquor cabinet for her after dinner fix. "Clohe Pike. We need you." he said. I could only stare at him; not because his skin was shimmery and lavendar, but because he was beautiful and he wanted me. I stood up and he smiled "You've changed." he said, then he ran and grabbed my hand. "We need to go." he whispered, then pulled me onto my front lawn. 

Outside is a silver contraption that looks like a car, but there's something missing. The tires! The tires are gone. "Wait!" I yell and he stops. "Where are we going? Who are you? Where are you from?" I ask. "I'm Korge. I'm from Pakintelli and we need you there immediately. I'll explain when we get there. Just trust me." he says. I don't know why, but something about his purple skin and empty eyes seems totally trustworthy. 

I get into his vehicle with him and we take off; we're going faster than I could ever imagine going in my life. I went on a rollercoaster once or twice a few years ago. I remember feeling the wind in my hair and feeling like I was flying. This is so much better; I know I'm flying. I can feel the vehicle raise up off the ground, and then we're around the clouds. "Okay, so maybe this was a question to ask before leaving the ground, but where is Pakintelli?" I ask. "Galaxy number 5. You know that." he says. I look around. Now we're surrounded by stars and planets. It is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. "We're in space? You've got to be shitting me? I can't breathe up here! It's scientifically proven!" I freak. Korge laughs "You can breathe up here, Clohe. You're doing it right now." he says. I think about it for a second, then relax because he's right.

Korge stops on a beautiful planet that looks like a bowl of milk. "Welcome back to Pakintelli." he says. I stare out the window; it looks like a normal city with strange people. The only difference is the high techness of everything. Everything is chrome or silver and almost everything has a screen on it. 

Korge opens the door and steps out of the vehicle, but I'm too scared to move. Then he opens my door; the air is clean and I breathe it better than the air back on earth. "Welcome home." Korge says. I don't say anything I just look around me at Pakintelli. After I say what's on my mind "Home? This isn't my home." I say. Korge's cheeks turn a darker shade of purple, and I guess that he's blushing. "Clohe, this is your home." he says shyly. "Don't you remember?" he asks. I stare at him for a minute "Does this look like the face of a person who remembers?" I ask. Korge shrugs "You were so trusting, I just assumed you remembered everything." he says. 

That's the last time I trust a purple person who wants me to ride in a car without tires. I shake my head "I'm sorry I don't know what you're talking about... Maybe you should just take me back home." I say, then start to climb back into the vehicle. Korge grabs my hand and squeezes it tightly "I'm not taking you back. Not yet." he says. I stay and stare into his dark eyes. They are actually beautiful now that I really look at them. "Okay, I'll stay." I whisper. He smiles a big grin filled with sharp jagged teeth. "Good, now I have strict orders to take you to the capital at once, so we better go." he says. I nod, but don't move. "That means now." he says, and I nod again "Right. I knew that." I say. This time I walk with him toward the center of the town.

As I watched the city go by, I started watching the people. Some people had green skin, some had blue, yellow, pink, red, orange, and basically any color on the spectrum. They all said hello to each other, and even stopped to have meaningless conversations on the street. There were no cars in the streets, so maybe that's why they didn't worry so much about it. "Everyone is so nice." I say to myself, but Korge must have thought I was talking to him. "Yeah, you always used to like that." he says in kind of a daze. 

The capital building was the tallest building in the city. It was chrome (of course) and honesty looked like a can of Pringles without the wrapper. I liked the atmosphere around it though, it was kind but still powerful. Everyone walking into the building looked important wearing "executive jumpsuits" as Korge explained it. I was only wearing my favorite band t-shirt and fuzzy blue pajama pants; I stuck out like a sore thumb in so many ways.

When we walked into the building I was greeted by several Hello's from people whom looked like they knew me. I didn't recognize a single one of them, but I said "Hey" back and tried to look like I knew who they were. Korge stopped at a desk that had a young girl behind it. Her skin was Orange and her yellow hair was pulled up in a bun on her head. "We're here for President Tanu." Korge says, then he looks at me. The receptionist pulls out a smart phone looking device and turns on the screen "They're here." she says. She put the screen back onto the desk "He's eager to see you both." she says, the Korge starts walking down a hallway; he's obviously been here many times before. 

President Tanu's office is a big room with chrome and screens covering everything. I really don't understand that decor fad, but I guess it works for people in space. President Tanu is a big Green guy with silver hair and a rhaspy voice that sound like he smokes a pack a day, but I don't think they have cigarettes here. "Welcome back, Clohe." he says, then he wraps his big green arms around me. I didn't know what to do, so I just stood there. "Sir, she doesn't remember who you are. In fact, she doesn't remember any of us." Korge says. Tanu looks shocked "Not even you? Man, what has Earth done to you, kid?" he asks rhetorically. 

Tanu sits back down behind his desk "So you're probably wondering why you're here." he says. I nod "That would be my first question. The second would be why everything is chrome... It's a little... cliche." I says shrugging. Korge and Tanu look confused for a moment, then continue. "Yes. Well, you are here because you have something we need so desperately. Do you know what I'm talking about?" he asks. I shake my head; I feel like a preschooler who saw their parents getting it on. "Last time you were here, we were at war. We gave you a key, do you remember the key I'm speaking of?" he asks.

I think so hard my brain hurts, then I remember. I was young; probably only 5 years in age. I smile as a younger Tanu puts a chain with a rainbow crystal around my neck. "Never tell anyone what you have or what you have seen. Just protect this key with your life." he said. I smile at him, then hug him "Can I stay here with you, Tanu?" I begged. He smiled with a tear in his dark eye "No. You have to go back to your own planet now. I wish I could let you stay. Always remember that this is your true home, and you'll always have a place here. When you are older you can choose to stay if that's what you really want, but not right now." he said. I wiped my tears with the back of my hand, then my eyes fall on a small boy sitting in the corner. His purple skin is lighter than usual and I worry for him. I walk closer to sit next to him "I'll miss you the most." I said. He looks at me with sad eyes that have a twinkle in them. "I don't want you to go, Clohe. Stay. Please, I want to be with you forever." he said. I kissed his cheek "I'll come back." I said sadly as the life drains from his eyes. 

I look back up at Tanu, and then Korge. Then I pull the chain out of my shirt. The crystal still shines like it did the day it was given to me. "You're talking about this." I say. Tanu smiles and Korge looks surprised. "Yes. Thank you, Clohe." Tanu says. I take the necklace off and hand it to him. "Funny, until now I always thought my grandmother gave that to me." I laugh, then I look a Korge. He's smiling lightly, and I can see a twinkle in his dark eyes. "That boy was you, wasn't it?" I ask him. Korge looks away, then nods. I touch his cheek, then place my lips on his. They are softer than I thought they would be. I let go, then smiled up at him "You waited for me." I say. He smiles "Are you going to stay now?" he asks sadly as the life returns to his eyes. 

That was the real question. There is nothing I want more than to stay here with Korge. I suck in a deep breath "I can't. My home is on Earth, and I couldn't stay here. My parents would miss me." I say. Korge's eyes go dark again "I understand." he says. I touch his cheek again "I love you, but I can't stay. You have to understand." I say. "I understand. I'll just take you home now." he says.

We walk back through the town in complete silence, then stop by the vehicle. We race through the stars once more, then stop in front of my house. "I won't give up on you, Clohe. I'm coming back soon, and I hope then you will come back with me." Korge says. "Maybe I will. I just can't now." I say. He kisses me again, then slips something into my palm. "I love you." he says. "I love you too." I reply.

I wake up on the couch like I haven't even moved. My head hurts and everything seems like a crazy dream. I know it's not though. The necklace is gone, and I'm still holding something in my fist. I open my fist and look at the small silver ring resting in my palm. I slip it onto my finger and it lights up with a lavender glow. I smile, because I know one day Korge will come back for me and I will return to Pakintelli. 

Submitted: August 05, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Emmy Mote. All rights reserved.

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