Lust for pain..

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It's a poem I wrote a while ago about selfharm, I used to, but I have overcome that slightly. I am still cursed with these dreadful scars that show my Past. My legs, my arms, my stomach.

Submitted: May 23, 2011

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



I wince as I hear the yelling, The screaming and the cries, I whisper words of prayer, But what I'm whispering are lies,

I try to block the cussing out, As I sit upon my bed, I fantasize of a loving family, But it's all just in my head,

They fight over the bills, They fight over me, This hate in this house, I can't handle this you see,

I go into action, Grabbing my supplies, A razor blade, sharp, Boy, I'm in for a surprise,

The blade slid perfectly, Across my pale soft skin, I sigh in relief, As the poison sets in,

The poison Is my lust, My lust for the pain, The pain is my escape, My escape to start again,

The red liquid is like my soul, Slowly draining free, I let go of all bad thoughts,  I look at all I see,

I see the cracking sink, I see the peeling walls, I see the weapon on the counter, \"Lust\" the blade, it calls,

I snatch it for the final cut, The finale of the show, I lift it to my throat, And now it's time for me to go,

The screaming and the crying, Slowly fade away, The lies of prayers and wisdom, Are done what they have to say,

I see a bright light, My soul flying free, My thoughts fade to nothing, I'm as peaceful as can be,

This death was not painful, It's like falling asleep, The only this is, No one's there to weep.

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Lust for pain..

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