Guess Who? I Dare You To.

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its a bit sad but i wrote it because that was how i was feeling.

Submitted: June 11, 2008

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Submitted: June 11, 2008



I'm all alone in this world of love:

It feels like I've just been punched without a glove

My world is tipped on its side everyday

Watching you cuddle and the games that you play.

You don't love her either, but she doesn't know

She'll never find out that its all just your show

She loves you a lot, and your fully aware

You know that the family thinks you'd make a cute pair

But none of this matters, 'cause no one loves me

I'm not even part of this stupid love tree.

It goes on around me, but i don't jump in

The whole situationis reeking of sin.

The feelings you have are different than mine

I'm hoping that will all work out in time.

I know I'll never be with you, not the way I plan.

I doubt you'll ever know I'm such a big fan.

I've tried to hide my feelings from you

You could never guess how hard that is to do.

I've become so numb, I don't know if I love you anymore

I built a wall to keep out the pain, but forgot to build a door.

Theres no way to get to me, no way to get out.

Thinking you'd try, fills me with doubt.

You only care about yourself, not a person more

Your just as bad as me at your core.

You hate  anyone who you find it hard to tame.

Atleast in me, I'm the only one I can blame.

I'm not close to perfect, that I can admit.

You should learn, you can't always find a fit

Just admit you don't love either of us

It's the only way to win back my trust

Then again, why wold that be important to you

Fighting for my trust isn't something you would do

Maybe I've made you out to be the bad guy

but being honest to us all is something you should try

I'll end this poem, adding ust one more accusition

Why do you feel its nessacarry to mess with every situation

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