maybe its me

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idk,i got bored one day and wrote this,,its not the best but i dont give shit

Submitted: October 09, 2010

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Submitted: October 09, 2010



maybe its me

maybe im the problem

but im the one with the problems

how could you say imyour problem?

i loved you so much

those 5 words bring me to tears every time

i keep screaming but your cant hear me

i dont understand

how could you turn your back on me

everytime i hear your voice or see your face,i die a little on the inside

i wish you would just die

these scars on my arms are because of you

you dont care

you just keep on lying

you keeptormenting me

you keep killing me little by little

when im finally gone on day,will you even shead a tear?

i hope you die on the inside

i hope you get left on the streets to die

i hope noone cares

i hope noone hears your screams

i hope you realize that could never sompare to the pain you put me through

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