Broken In Two

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When in love deaths door trys to stop you from loving the living

Submitted: May 05, 2015

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Submitted: May 05, 2015



Broken in two
I grab you
You pull away
I scream your name
You have headphones on
I kiss your forehead
You wipe it away
I cut for you
You can’t see me
I try and tell you how much I love you
You can’t hear me
I grab your hand
You can’t feel it
I kiss your cheek
You walk away
I hug you as you walk away
You feel nothing and act like I’m not there
Why can’t you see me, why am I invisible to you, why can’t you feel my touch anymore. Because I am dead I have gone from the land of the living to blackness of the other side where I am alone and they watch me closely the blackness has consumed me and ill shall never be in the light as they told me to be sad and miserable is the only way life is worth living as they eat my soul piece by piece as it was broken from once I came as for i can see that you have found another girl that you love and watching from the shadows kills me you have forgotten me so death has concured me and i am yet still broken in two.


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