Is it even love?

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Love/pain poem

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



How long has it been since we last spoke... Whenever we are togerther, there's a dead silence. \"Did you hear that, that shattering sound?\" \"No, what was it?\" \"oh...just my heart breaking after you let it go.\" Though the days have passed, you still never say hello. Sometimes I wish I never met you, but then I'm glad I did. It has seemed forever since we last spoke, You finally say hello, but ended with I love you. Now that you're back, you promised not to leave. When you say \"I love you\", do you mean it? How will I ever know the truth, Wen you bury it in lies. How many more times am I going to let you hurt me? Why don't I believe you when you say \"I love you\"? You know I love you, but do you even love me? The other day you asked if I loved you, After I said you, you asked why. You don't love me, so why should I love you? I may not love you anymore, but I'll never forget you.

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