Why is today such a bad day?

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Today is apparently torment Emochick786 day :( *sigh* I hate my school, I hate my family and most of all I hate Bryan Morgan

Submitted: May 03, 2012

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Submitted: May 03, 2012



Why does today hate me?

Did I do something wrong?

Did I break some type of code

That tells everyone to rebel against me?


Do people really hate me that much?

Am I really just a face to torture?

Do people wake up looking foward to my pain?


One of these days,

My threats will be taked seriously

No more shrugging off their death sentance


One of these days,

 I will stand up and show them what I can do


No more laughing

No more poking and prodding

No more pain,

at least not for me.


Oh no, no more pain... for me


*Evil laugh* That's for you Bryan, I hope you read this and realize that when I threatened to hurt/kill you it was not to be taken lightly. One of these days, you will feel what I feel. One of these days you will be the one slowly dying in side. Remember today when you are in jail and I'm on scholarship to a college. I certainly will and guess who isn't getting a bail bond. *evil laugh* >:(

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