the suffacation in my mind

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Submitted: June 13, 2009

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Submitted: June 13, 2009



 I'm suffacating, will anyone help me. No one is choking me. I'm not on anything. Everyone around me is suffacating me. There air all around me but none for my lungs. It's like i'm in space. I want to run but is like my feet are nailed to the ground. I can't move I can't call for help. I'm suffacating, people can see i'm choking but why don't they help me. Why I ask myself but I know the answer it's because they don't care! They say they care but if they did why won't help me. Then I hear them talking. They say " Don't help her because she is a freak and we don't help freaks." I'm not a freak but they say I am.  Now I will die and no one will help because i'm a freak and i'm not i;m different and there is nothing wrong with that. Anyone who thinks there is something wrong with that must be a jerk. Or maybe there jerks them selves and just like to see peoples misery. They think everyone shoukd be perfect but thats impossable. No one is perfect no matter times they say they are. I can't be something that is impossable to be and so I must die alone with no one with nothing. Now I say goodbye but you won't say goodbye to me ever.

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