Remember The Past

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Remember the past??? it doesn't rhyme and it's long

Submitted: March 03, 2010

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Submitted: March 03, 2010



Remember when days were bright

And nights were cozy

Remember so much love passed between people

Remember the feeling of not caring

The feeling of freedom and security

Remember the times of made-up games and pity fights

Don't you remember?

I totally forgot until today

What it was like to go outside

And live with nature

And invent new games

Where no one laughed at you for being



Not Perfect

Where people accepted one another

Those were the times

That I'll cherish

The laughs

Even the cries

I'm sorry for choosing a different life

A life of torture and pain

Alone in the dark

Life will never be the same

Now life is filled with lies and posers

Wannabes who wanna be like everyone else

This is the life I live

And it will never change back for it is gone forever

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