the life we live

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i am but a young writer trying to help and motivate people this my first time posting any of my work online i hope you enjoy it please excuse my error i am the age of 16 and hoping to be a great writer some day

My heart is broken my mind is frozen,

Walking down this road that has been broken

Blood here and there a innocent baby crying  in fair

A mother leaving her child to wonder the streets

Not even telling them there two road in life

You either go up or ten feet under.

A dad touching and raping his own daughter even his own step daughter,

Man this life is kind of scary I feel sorry for the generation after me,

Having to grow up in this democracy, this pain , this hate  this world people take for a game

In there little minds they are confused some may even be abused

They are guns , they are drugs and even deadly dieses some kids don’t even know about these dangerous things

Talk to your kids advise them no matter the age or size of the child they still need  that one guidance

Life is to short to be playing around.

I often feel sorry for the females I see who have been  lied, cheated and beaten 

The ones who often look in the mirror and don’t see how beautiful they are ,

Cause there heart  cant see very clean and there minds are so confused,

All those mean people call them ugly the more someone tell you something they more you start to believe it

But I got  something to say to  that each  one of you ladies are beautiful  no  matter who thinks different  you are like a love song that never gets old,

You are the beauty in the night sky,

True beauty starts inside the heart.

And for the ladies who have been abused misused and hurt don’t give up hope  , life has a funny way of making you find happiness  don’t let theses falls  keep you down be strong  and keep holding on

One mans lost is another mans blessing  don’t let the  past  destroy your present.

Each scare on your body heals and it is simply beautiful because you are beautiful  because each scare tells a story  a story that makes  u realize life is not easy  don’t ever give up god never gave up on you ,

So keep your head up fight for what is right and keep believing in you.

And men for the men who treat women like they are nothing

You should be very a shamed because remember you came from a mother and a mother is a woman so treat the ladies with the love and respect they deserver.

And women, men can be good not all men are the same so also treat the men good.

This life is a pain like thunder and rain everyday is a battle,

I fear this is not the end but the beginning a message to the younger generation take life serious life is not a Nintendo game.

You have to know what you are for in this world there are two ways to live in life you either live the good or the bad way according to my hero 2 pac  all eyes on me if you cant find something to live for find something to die for  .

I Would not hold back to tell you I am but a sinner trapped in my own body of destruction ,

I have a scary past that I am  not proud  of but thank god this wasn’t my last , be carful of  the life you live every action has a reaction .

And what ever bad you doalways comes after you like a sick crazy man in the head take my warning becarful what you do in this world my friends,

always be strong never give up keep fighting  life comes at you hear but never keep your head down always keep your head high and rise above the storm  and for those whose hearts have been broken also keep fighting , god made someone special for you and be happy .because  god also gave u a special gift , the gift of life .

For the younger and older kids stay in school  and don’t be a fool education holds the key to everything and everyone can make it once you just simple put your mind to it work hard and say I believe that I can make it.

parent please talk to your kids don’t push them away, educate them show them the way kids often have there bad sisdes but don’t give up on them , because we need you to help build this generation .

Also help fight against abuse in children it not fear every child deserves to be happy and now is the time we put an end to this  pain this misery.

Parent keep encouraging you kids and making a clean way because no one wants to grow up in a hateful generation.

 i do hope you enjoy !!!!:)




Submitted: July 22, 2013

© Copyright 2022 emoking780. All rights reserved.

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