A little girl gets abducted by aa 37 year old rapist

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Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



Mel had always loved walking to school with her big-brother Jarred. She planned to do it till she died. She changed her mind one day though.

Jarred had the flu so Mel had to walk to school alone. Across the street Dwyane waited and watched till that day to get her. Date her. Have sex with her so he ran to get her. He sweet talked her to coming with him and got her into his home.

He gave her a butter bear and drugs till he relized she had been ready. He lured her into the bed room and closed the door.

He walked in the bathroom and told Mel to get naked. When he stepped out he was very nude. Mel disaggred to get naked . Finally he pulled out a gun. TAKE OFF YOUR FUCKING CLOSE OR PREPARE TO DIE.

Finally she pulled of her pants and shirt and he started to have sex with her.

I I dont fell right she said . He threatened the gun and she shutted up bye bye hottie got to go to work if you touch anything I will kill you!. And he left. She pulled back on her close and watched t.v.

Back at the house

Brrrrrrring brrrrrrrrrrring . Be right back okay Jarred . He nodded his head

Hello she said. Yes is Mel around. Mel she shuld be in school why. Well she's not said the princble. Then she she's missing. Okay calm down call 9-1-1 and I will be right over said the princble.

Mom where's mel? I don't Know. WHAT! Calm down we'll find her

Dwyane had got home from work and left his jacket on the floor. He stepped into the bathroom and got nude walked out and scared little mel. WTF I am only 5. Grr he mumbled then got A butter bear and kokane and weed and she was back to the way she was only better Dwyane would have said. Mel choose to get naked and then he started seeping on her pussy up and down up and down up and he flipped her over and put her head near his cock and scream suck it. Then came a knock at the door. The cops. Mel was so relifed that she went home and went striaght to sleep from her busy day. I think now I will take the bus Mel giggled. That wasn't the end of dwight though we will see him again soon.

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