A Big Heart

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Everyone has a heart mine just happens to be bigger than most.

Submitted: January 21, 2007

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Submitted: January 21, 2007



Everyone has a heart

Some just choose not to use it

Others use it to the fullest

And yet some use sometimes and not others

But with me and my heart

It’s different

It seems like I have a bigger heart than others


A big heart can be good

Like when you love someone

When you love someone

You love them with all your heart

You want them to be happy

You would do anything for them

Even take a bullet for them

You care about people

More than others would


But there are also

Some downsides to having

A big heart

When others are hurting

You are hurting

You don’t like it that

The people you care about are hurt

And you can’t even do anything about it

Their pain becomes your own

You can’t help it

You are sad for them

It kills you that they are sad and hurting


You feel your own heart hurting for them

It isn’t just an emotional feeling

That your heart is hurting

It is physical as well

It seems like it is swelling up

From all their pain

Ready to burst

You just want others to be happy

Because if you are happy

You don’t hurt anymore

And you are happy.

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