Confusion In Life

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This is a somewhat short poem about how life can be so confusing at times....

Submitted: May 08, 2007

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Submitted: May 08, 2007




The confusion of life

Not knowing what to do

Or how you feel

Or what is going on


Nothing at all


Your mind is racing

With all your problems


When you think you’re alright

When you aren’t

When you think you like him

When you’re not sure

When you think you know what to do

When you actually don’t


All of it

Races around in your mind

Not stopping for a sec

It runs over you

Time and time again


When all you want to do it break down

Is when you have to keep pushing forward

To not stop

To not break down

To stay strong

To not let people see that other side of you


That side which you try so hard to keep hidden

But yet you are learning to let it go

Learning to let others see

See that one side of you which you have kept hidden

All of these years


But yet you’re confused

You can’t seem to let people see that side of you

Even though you want to show people

But maybe

Just maybe

Deep down inside you don’t want to show anyone

Just maybe….

Ah, and yet that is the confusion of life

When you can’t seem to figure anything out…

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