lighthouse chapter 2

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same summery as chapter one

Submitted: August 24, 2009

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Submitted: August 24, 2009



hours later storm found the lighthouse

she went in and the door slamed

"hee hee"

"what hello "



"sorry im sun"

"what is your name "





"RANA stop scaring everyone who comes here "

"um "

"im over here im alara"

"alara is a ghost and died here with her sisters rana and sania"


"not really rana drowend alara and sania killed rana and then also drowend "

"ok eeww"

"thats why i hate rana"

"well how do we get  out "

"you dont "

" sania you can but you have to find alores morisos diary"

"whos what now"

"alores morisos she was buried here alog with her diary which lead how to get out of here "



"wel its late so im going to sleep "

:"where sun"

"right here"

he showed her a small pile of ciggert butts

"where the hell "

"in a bucket no more questions go to sleep"

but i did not i had to elplore the lighthouse

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