Hazel Grey

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--Inspired by two songs, Breakaway and Concrete Angel--

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



She sits there alone, watching other children play with longing.

I wonder why she doesn't play with the other children. I don't know much about her- she doesn't talk to anyone but the teacher.

Miss Fallworth says 'Hazel, are you okay?'

'Yes Miss Fallworth, everything is fine'

Why does she lie to Miss Fallworth?

I know that something is wrong, but she has not met me before.

I walk over to the bench she sits on alone and she looks at me with fear in her eyes.

'Hello, my name is Jasper Clark'

'My name is Hazel Grey'

'I live next door to your house. Would you like to play a game of hide and seek with me?'

'Yes, I would love to'

'Mommy, stop!'

I trace the marks on my windowsill and look up when I hear the frightened cry next door.

'Ow! Mommy, no...'

The little girl crying was Hazel.

What was her mommy doing to hurt her?

Was her mommy hitting her?

Hazel's mommy...hitting her?

If her mommy was doing that, she must not be a very nice mommy.

Every mommy was nice and caring, right?


One last choked scream before silence.

The sirens were getting louder now- closer.

I wish deeply that Hazel is okay.

Maybe her mommy has stopped hurting her. Maybe she is safe!

'You boy, what is your name?' An officer is leaning down to speak to me.

'My name is Jasper Clark, sir. I am a friend of Miss Hazel Grey.'

The officer's hard expression softens, and he sighs deeply.

'Jasper Clark, Hazel Grey is dead.'

I have gotten over Hazel Grey being dead.

I understand that things like this happen every day, people dying from illness or being killed.

I am just grateful that her mommy was innocent.

They would have told me if her mother had done the crime- Hazel had fallen down the stairs of the house and broken her neck.

But Hazel is okay now, too.

She visits me every day, in the hospital because of my cancer.

She tells me she loves me and will kiss me softly on the cheek.

When I get out of this hospital, I will run away with her.

Isn't that right, Hazel?

Aren't I right?


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