The Curse Of Heartbreak

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An experience that has happened to me in primary school.
Before you start reading, here's my story: I dated a guy (yeah, I know, I was young and thoughtless) who didn't exactly have the best reputation. Because a lot of people hated him, they hated me for defending him. And when I went to him for help, he hardly lifted a finger.
--This was in year 5 of primary school, so yeah, we knew swearing and stuff--

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



Everywhere I walk, I hear whispers about me.

Some dare to yell out to me.

Why did they do that?

Did they realize that I didn't like the torture they put me through, every single day?

I didn't go to you for help then.

And my walk home was a living hell.

They would stay right behind me, calling out insults as I tried to ignore them.

'You're a bitch, you know that right?'

'He's not right for you. He cheated on the last one.'

Those words stung, and I tried so hard to ignore them.

The next day, I went to you for help.

You told me that I needed to think of better comebacks and insults.

I tried confiding in others who I knew I could trust,

But they didn't understand the pain I went through.

At school, older years would tease me.

'Get a room.'

'I heard you guys got it on in your bedroom, slut.'

Again, their comments hurt.

And then one day, you walked home with me.

They were behind us again, and I knew that they would do the same thing that they always did.

'How's your girl?' one yelled out to you, and you just shook your head in disgust.

'Your girl is a bitch.' another yelled, and they all laughed.

I sped up my pace, but you continued to yell out comebacks at them.

'Give it a rest.' I muttered, and you caught up with me.

Again, I tried going to you to ask you what we should do.

You were shocked that I hadn't done anything to stop them.

And then that was it.

A few days later, we got into a fight.

You started calling me a bitch every day and threatened to punch me.

You had hit me before- I had forgiven you every time, you not realizing that you were hurting me.

You thought that it was just playful.

After that, I decided that it was time for a break up.

When I told you it was over, you apologized repeatedly and told me that you would try to change.

And you did.

We got together again several times after that,

Breaking up and getting back together again, me forgiving you for every single mistake.

And then after a huge fight, I decided that it was over for good.

We didn't get back together after that, and it was nice to spend time not being hurt every day by you.

But then, even as friends, we had a fight.

You called me a bitch, and that hurt.

After that, it was all down to utter loathing and hatred.

You still apologize to me for the mistakes you made.

But I hate you with all of my heart, and you need to accept that I just can't forgive you this time.

But even though we broke up,

I'm still stuck with the curse of heartbreak.

To the one who broke my heart,

I know you're reading this.

And I just want to say, not excusing my French, fuck you.

You hurt me way too many times, and I'm through with you.

Love from,

your old ex

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