A Fallen Angel

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Fallen Angels

A fallen angel,
 with broken wings,
 she can not fly,
 never again.

 She must walk on earth,
forever there is an eathly planet,
and when it ends, she is then,
able to make amends.

But as she lives, on this earth,
 so green and livley,
 she discovers something,
to horrifying to say, so unberable to mention.

I will tell you,
just what she saw, she saw death,
so painful and morafying,
the death she wittnessed,
was her own.

 As she lye there,
dieing hoping it would end,
but as she feels,
only things that mortals feel,
she finallyrealizes,
she is no longer a beautiful angel,
 but a normal human.

Submitted: October 12, 2008

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Black Angel

thats kinda sad but realy good! i realy like it

good reads,


Sat, October 25th, 2008 8:13pm


Thank you i hope you read/like some of my other work

Sat, October 25th, 2008 2:59pm


Oh that really sucks for the angel to be a human. I bet being an angel or a mythical creature would be better then being a human. That's sad for the angel to become a human when she was something great before. Great, great poem!

Tue, December 2nd, 2008 1:48am


Thank you, and yes i do think it would be terrible to go from something beautiful and reverd to just another normal thing/human

Mon, December 1st, 2008 8:39pm


awsomeness, keep up the good work!!

Sun, December 7th, 2008 11:52pm


why thank you

Sun, December 7th, 2008 5:13pm

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