What If??

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This is about doubt in ANY relationship. I am not talking about the one I am currantly in, just doubts in general.

Submitted: September 19, 2009

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Submitted: September 19, 2009



Life is getting,
To that point,
Where I hate to live,
And hate to breath.
It’s going,
There again,
Slowly bringing me,
To my knees.
What’s the point?
Tell me this,
But do we really,
Live in bliss?
She said she love me,
She said she cared,
I just don’t know,
And now I’m scared.
I’m scared she lied,
I’m scared she played,
With my emotions,
But I’ll never really know.
So now I take the time,
And hope that I’m wrong,
I’ll try and be strong.
But it won’t very last long.
What if she betrayed me?
What if she lied?
What is she told me false,
While sitting on that slide?
I see the beauty,
That she sees every day,
And wonder if,
I will truly ever be enough.
But I don’t know yet,
And neither do you,
I just hope everything,
You say is true.

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