Computers Of The Future

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Submitted: February 03, 2009

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Submitted: February 03, 2009



As I walk home from school while the rain start to cleanse the

side walk and make it sidewalk and muddy at the same time so

my shoes got dirty. I hurry home and to clean them. So I went

to the basement to find a rag but instead I found a strange

looking thing that looks like a time machine. I went inside then

outside it, when I went out, everything has changed. There

were some odd computers in front of me. These computers

don't look like they were made in a humane way by a human.

Since I got to finish my homework on science about nature

and natural things, I decided to use one of them. When I got

closer to them, the computers, all woke up and they start

chasing me. They are all hungry. While I was running, I tried to

find a hiding place, but I only see a cardboard box and hide

inside it. But unluckily, one of the computers found me and

another was at my foot. Then there was a loud deep voice

shaking the whole place calling out for my name. I woke up

and found my angry teacher waiting and calling on me to slove

the equation.

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