Dr. Yes, Evil Genius

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Dr. Yes is an Evil Genius that wants world domination and does anything to get it. His parents were killed when he became an adult and he hopefully one day he will find who is responsible for this matter. He has friend and his second in command that he met when he was a kid name Elizabeth Rodriguez. He has a charm for the ladies and a lot of ladies do love him every time. One person wants to end Dr. Yes organization and become the evil genius. Let's hope it ends good so find out how this adventure fold in Dr. Yes, Evil Genius!

Submitted: October 24, 2014

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Submitted: October 24, 2014



Chapter 1


This story is about a famous evil genius known as Brandon Ken Lee also known by his nickname Dr. Yes. Everybody that worked for him knows his name but a lot of people call him Dr. Yes. He also has a charm for girls and women so they can call him Brandon if they want. Dr. Yes was born in the U.S. in the New York state. He had a thing for world domination and that was his chosen road.  His parents raised him since he was born but then were killed when he was an adult for unknown reasons. That shocked him and he started his organization for world domination and also to find out about his parents deaths. Dr. Yes created a hidden lair in the United Kingdom and it took years to build and make it hidden. It all started when Dr. Yes when into his conference table and called all his top henchmen and women to the meeting as they where there Dr. Yes said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to our first meeting in our hidden lair in the UK”. Dr. Yes told everyone that he knows some people and some he is meeting for the first time. He first introduced Malcolm, a rouge agent that used to been in the MI6 but wanted to join Dr. Yes instead. Dr. Yes first met him when he was his enemy but then wanted to be friends and joined the evil organization. Another person was a lady called Glamorous and she thinks Dr. Yes has that charm and she joined after she gave up her celebrity status. The one person that Dr. Yes was friends with ever since he was a kid was his 2nd in command and his advisor. The person's name was Elizabeth Rodriguez and she always liked Dr. Yes and was always best friends with him plus there were times that Dr. Yes's charm hit her too and she does care for Dr. Yes and for everything else. Elizabeth came to the table and said, “Dr. Yes, today's reports of our businesses are doing very well in the US and we are trying to make billions more than millions.” “Very well Elizabeth glad we met when we were kids.” said Dr. Yes. “Malcolm, how is our intelligence spy networks are doing? Are we had good espionage information?” Malcolm told Dr. Yes that someone in Russia is planning a nuclear threat to the evil organization. Malcolm also had a file of a lady that could know about it. Dr. Yes knew he may have to go undercover to find out. Malcolm told her name was Aisha. Dr. Yes said, “Everybody I have a plan, we are going to steal a nuclear missile from the United Nations and we are going to pay a ransom but we are going to give a fake one back to protect ourselves if the missile does approach, we will be ready.” Elizabeth made a humming noise to say excuse me and asked to have a ransom for 10 billion dollars. Dr. Yes said, “That is a good plan. We would do it.” “Dr. Yes what about Aisha?” said Elizabeth. “I'm going to go undercover and find about who is behind this nuclear threat in Russia”. Elizabeth told he wants to speak Dr. Yes in private and Dr. Yes approved it and told her to meet me in my office in 1700 hours. “Meeting Adjourned.” said Dr. Yes. Later at his office Dr. Yes was looking at his family picture of his parents and Elizabeth knocked on the door and said, “Brandon may I call by your real name for now”. “You are always can call me by my real name because you  always been my friend.”, said Dr. Yes “Listen Brandon I always afraid you had to do undercover how about if  I go instead I take care of it quicker.” said Elizabeth Dr. Yes told him with his charm and his romance he will take care of it. Elizabeth told him to use protection. “What a condom?” said Dr. Yes, Elizabeth was trying to say a weapon. “Oh my Walther PPK automatic, one of the best handguns in world.” , said Dr. Yes, Dr. Yes told about his parents death and Elizabeth hold Dr. Yes hand and said, “ I promise we will find out who was responsible.” said Elizabeth gave Dr. Yes a kiss on the cheek and told him, “Good luck Brandon.”. Then she left the office and Dr. Yes went to bed and he will be read tomorrow in 0900 hours.











Chapter 2

The next day Dr. Yes was at the plastic surgery section of his lair and the doctors and the nurses gave him a temporary look so nobody knows who he was. When he does these missions he always uses his real name, Brandon Ken Lee and nobody knows his real name except his organization, so at his briefing room Glamorous and Elizabeth attend, but Malcolm wasn't there because he trying to find more information about the situation and trying to make a plan with Elizabeth to steal the UN missile. “Dr. Yes we found where Aisha will be today. She will be in Omsk, Russia, but we may think she will leave to the US for now.” said Glamorous, Elizabeth also mention that she will be in a nightclub in downtown. Dr. Yes will have to use his charm to get on Aisha's good side, so Dr. Yes will have to use some gadgets and also use his communication device to contact the lair for anything and an update about the UN missile, so Dr. Yes was off and one of his private jets took him to Omsk and then went back to the lair airstrip. He had his double-breasted suit on and put his shades on and went to the nightclub called The Russian Life at 1900 hours. When he got there he saw Aisha by herself listening to the music and watching people dance. Dr. Evil said to a bartender, “Hey bartender can I buy a Don Equis for that lady by herself at the table.” So the bartender gave the drink to Aisha and told her that man with a nice red suit and shades bought it for you. Aisha saw Dr. Yes and approached him. Aisha looked at Dr. Yes and Dr. Yes looked at her and said, “Hello there gentleman what is your name?” Dr. Yes said, “My name is Brandon Ken Lee and I'm just visiting Russia for business and pleasure”. “My name is Aisha and I love when a man buy a lady a drink especially a Don Equis.”. Dr. Yes kissed Aisha's hand as a form of nice to meet you. Dr. Yes told a joke to Aisha about Don Equis and told her to stay thirsty. She started laughing and smiling. “So how long are you staying in Russia?” said Aisha. Dr. Yes told Aisha for a week or 2 or about a month and Aisha told she is leaving for Atlantic City, New Jersey tomorrow morning and she is going alone and asked Dr. Yes to come and he accepted and shook her hand. Dr. Yes asked if he could stay at the house until tomorrow and somehow the charmed worked and took Dr. Yes home and told him, “Make yourself at home and I just have to go out and get a few things.” While she walked out Dr. Yes activated his laptop and contact the lair HQ and Malcolm answer and asked if everything is alright and told he is OK. Dr. Yes wanted to know how the plan is going for the robbing of the UN nuclear rocket and the ransom. Malcolm had informed Elizabeth that we have it and the ransom will begin tomorrow and Dr. Yes will contact by the laptop. Dr. Yes said, “We are going to have to do it when I get to Atlantic City because I am leaving tomorrow night so you have to hold them off a little. I am going to explore the house to find clues about the Russian rocket and who is involved with Aisha, so keep me posted.” Malcolm bowed and ended the transmission. Dr. Yes explored Aisha's house and found a safe. Dr. Yes use a watch that was given to Malcolm for the mission and it was a gadget. The watch opened the safe by scrambling the code from the keypad and once it was open it was papers and folders of such. Dr. Yes looks at them and he saw pictures of a Russian silo with a giant rocket in it and also found a green card of a man and his folder of information about who he is. His name was Boris Mosley and he was an ex-con and owns a legitimate business and his the sole leader of it. Dr. Yes watch was also a camera and he took pictures with it and all the pictures automatically send back to lair either by Elizabeth or anybody that is there. After Dr Yes explored the safe he heard footsteps coming to the door. He thinks it is Aisha so he quickly put back all the stuff into the safe. He saw Aisha unlocking the door so Dr. Yes became a gentleman and opened the door. “What a gentleman you are Mr. Lee.”, said Aisha. The two spent the night talking and went to bed until tomorrow morning. Dr. Yes had to take a jet to New Jersey and he was surprised he had first class with Aisha, he felt like a famous celebrity in a 747. Aisha asked Dr. Yes about his career. Dr. Yes made false biography about that he worked for a gaming company and has stocks in it to keep it going. Aisha was surprised because she likes video games too. A couple of hours later they landed in the Atlantic City airport and left into a limo rented by Aisha. They were stopped at the Hilton Hotel own by Paris Hilton’s Family and were taken to a presidential suite. Dr. Yes was feeling suspicious if Aisha was meant to meet him at that club in Omsk, but he can’t prove it yet.













Chapter 3

Aisha left the room to talk to the front desk about something and Dr. Yes had a call from the lair. It was Elizabeth and she smiled to know that Dr. Yes was okay, so Elizabeth said, “Sir we have your information about Boris and we are investigating more about it.” Dr. Yes asked if the UN is ready and she said yes so Dr. Yes said, “Give me the United Nations.” They were on Dr. Yes’s view screen and told they want their missile back and Dr. Yes said, “Pay me 2 million dollars.” Then they all laugh and Elizabeth made a humming noise, so Dr. Yes said, “Sorry I meant 10 Billion dollars for the ransom.” So the UN leaders made a sad face and the main leader said, “We have no choice but to pay your ransom.” “You have my instructions and you have 48 hrs. If you do it in less time, then your missile will be sent back earlier, Farewell.” said Dr. Yes. Dr. Yes turns off the view screen of the UN and told Elizabeth to get the fake missile ready.  Elizabeth said “Brandon, do be careful because we don’t know who is really Aisha and who Boris Mosley really is okay.” “I will my darling Elizabeth and keep me posted.” said Dr. Yes and Dr. Yes said goodbye and Elizabeth wave slowly and the transmission ended. Aisha was listening near the door all along and when it was over she walked inside and said to Dr. Yes darling to pretend she just came in and heard nothing. Dr. Yes said, “Let’s go and have fun at the Golden Nugget Casino.” “Sounds good to me.” said Aisha. So the limo drove them to the Golden Nugget and the valet open the door and they walked in. Then they went to a poker table where a big Italian man with a suit was sitting and other men were standing in suits. He said, “Sit down we could use another player.” so Dr. Yes sat down and put his chips down and Aisha with a dress watching next to him and Dr. Yes said, “I’m Brandon Ken Lee”. The man said “I’m Al Leone and I would like to talk to you in private in the VIP room.” so Dr. Yes accepted it and played a couple of hands of 5 card draw. As they were playing Dr. Yes won most of the hands and eliminated everyone in the table including Al but he accepted it anyway. Al like Dr. Yes and Aisha went to play some slots and sports betting while Dr. Yes and Al talked in his VIP section with two ladies. Dr. Yes asked the bartender to get him a Dr. Pepper and so Dr. Yes asked why he wanted Al to speak to him private. Al told he is a mafia crime boss and makes a lot of money in New York and part of Atlantic City. Also he told that he knows who Dr. Yes really is and Dr. Yes said, “OK you got me and I need some help about a man named Boris Mosley.” Al smiled and he respected that Dr. Yes makes more money than he does, so he accepted to help him about his situation. Then they talked more about each other and what they each have for their disposal. After it was over the ladies and Al left, so Dr. Yes went into the bathroom for a moment and when he was there someone was trying to kill him so Dr. Yes pulled his gun but it was kicked off by the assailant and so Dr. Yes used kung fu and killed the guy. Dr. Yes took a picture of the guy and sent it back to the lair he also disposed the body. Dr. Yes picked up his gun and was found by Aisha and told she wanted to go back to the hotel and Dr. Yes accepted and left the casino. They made it back to the hotel and Aisha went into the bathroom and changed into a more romantic look. “How do I look Brandon?” said Aisha. Dr. Yes said, “You look marvelous darling.”  Then they set up a table for a romantic dinner of two and called room service for Chinese food. Later on somewhere in the underground near an Indian reservation near Michigan was a lair and was run by Boris Mosley. Boris then walks in the middle of the conference room and said, “One of my assassins was killed and I will not tolerate failure!” Boris also found out that Dr. Yes took a picture of the assassin and was not pleased. Then later on Boris looked at the Russian Silo and smiled and laughed. Back at the motel Dr. Yes was thinking if the mission will be a success while Aisha was sleeping on next of him and starting kissing him.









Chapter 4

The next day Dr. Yes woke up and saw Aisha had left for a while to do things on her own so Dr. Yes put on his suit and then the lair just called Dr. Yes and so he open it up and it was Malcolm and had great information about the assassin. Malcolm told the assassin was a Native American called Maxwell. Dr. Yes was confused if why Boris hired a Native American to do dirty work for him. Malcolm told Dr. Yes that they are searching all of the Indian reservations to find out which tribe he is belonged to. So Dr Yes told him to make it so and ended the call. Then the phone rang and Dr. Yes picked up the phone, it was Al. Al wanted to talk to Dr. Yes that he has vital information about Boris Mosley and can’t speak to him on the phone about it and wanted to meet him in a safe location in Atlantic City at a different time. Al also told Dr. Yes not to bring Aisha and make sure nobody tails you. Dr. Yes said, “Can I bring Elizabeth Rodriguez, my second in command?” Al told him very well and thinks it is a very good idea. So once the call was settled the call was over. Couple of hours it was dark and Aisha said she has to go to Michigan for 2 days and she will be back quickly and Dr. Yes told he will be okay alone. So Aisha smiled and gave a kiss to Dr. Yes on the lips and waved marvelously. Meanwhile Elizabeth took a plane and landed in Atlantic City and met up with Dr. Yes in an alleyway where Al told to meet him there. Dr. Yes told the limo driver to wait outside of the alleyway but the driver can wait but for an hour and then he has to leave and send another one to wait for another hour. So Dr Yes accepted and walked into the alleyway with Elizabeth. Al was standing with two henchpersons and told them to leave us and he wanted to be alone. Dr. Yes said “Al this is my friend and second in command Elizabeth Rodriguez.” Al then said “We don’t have much time to talk so I will explain what I have found about Boris Mosley.”  Al explains that Boris has a lair in the Michigan area in an Indian reservation. Elizabeth then sends a message through her watch to let Malcolm know. “Now I know why Aisha left to Michigan because she is about to report everything to Boris. We have to stop him now!” said Dr. Yes. Al said “I will help you anything you need for the attack so name it and it shall be done.” He told Al to bring weapons to his lair and hide in his safe house so Boris’s people won’t kill him. Al accepted and then gunshots were fired and Al went back into his limo and his men drove away. Elizabeth and Dr. Yes started firing at the people who are shooting at him and then they got them all and one surrendered. Dr. Yes asked “Who sent you take us out! Tell us now or you won’t be spared.” The person said “Boris, Boris Mosley sent us and you won’t stop him and you’ll never find him!” Dr. Yes said “We will. Elizabeth can you take him back the lair and interrogate him for more information about find Boris.” “What are you going to do Brandon?” said Elizabeth Dr. Yes said to Elizabeth that he will blow his cover to Aisha and find some information about where Boris is. Elizabeth said “I hope you are doing the right thing for blowing your cover because you only have one shot at this.” Dr. Yes told Elizabeth not to worry about it and to prepare the rocket to protect the lair at any cost. Elizabeth agrees and left in another limo while Dr. Yes went back to the hotel. Two days has passed and Aisha was at the room Dr. Yes then blew his cover told what he really was Dr. Yes, Evil Genius. Aisha knew all along and she surrendered and told she can’t take it anymore to his step brother Boris and she then told she really love Dr. Yes and all the fun time she had with him and she loves Dr. Yes’s charm. “If you help me find where Boris is then you can join my organization and you will be free from all he had made you do also you can have whatever you like.” Aisha agreed by kissing Dr. Yes on the lips and said “Let’s rock and roll baby!” Aisha explained he is in the Cherokee Reservation underground with a missile silo and he was supposed to prepare the missile after I interrogated your information about your lair’s location. “You don’t have to worry about that now because now you can be safe where I’m taking you. Elizabeth I want you to prepare for a plane to the lair because Aisha is joining us and she is helping us all the way!” On the laptop she said “Very well Brandon I knew you can do it I just knew it.” Elizabeth has ended the transmission and prepared the plane and Dr. Yes explained to Aisha to get to the airport and there is a guy with a purple plane waiting for you and will get you to the lair and told she will be safe there. Aisha hugged and checked out of the hotel and took the limo there. Later on Dr. Yes was driving to Michigan in a Mercedes-Benz that was sent by the lair and then parked inside the Indian reservation. Dr. Yes was using his binoculars to find the lair and he was a funny looking door on the ground and he cracked the code to open the door. Dr. Yes sneaked quietly and used his watch to call Malcolm to stand by to send any troops that will come to attack the lair, so Dr. Yes walked around and saw a female scientist on the computer and Dr. Yes grab her and asked her where to the missile silo and she said “Down in the bottom floor on the lair.” then Dr. Yes knocked her out and went down the elevator shaft and when he got there he found the missile silo and then a light flashed on it and it was Boris Mosley and two henchpersons with him and told Dr. Yes “Welcome to my Underground lair Dr. Yes or should I say former Dr. Yes Ha Ha!”  “You will not take over as evil genius I will always be the evil genius.” said Dr. Yes. Boris then smiled and sent him men to take him to a cell. Dr. Yes was in trouble and he still has his watch and told Malcolm to send the troops in now and start the missile on his command. Bruce picked the lock and broke free and the guard was there and then Dr. Yes uses Kung Fu and knocked out the guard and took his gun. Bruce ran down and saw Boris found the location of Dr. Yes’s lair and explaining the missile and started the countdown and Dr. Yes told Malcolm to start the countdown and Malcolm did. Then the missile was counting down in Russian and then Dr. Yes’s troops came in with Glamorous and Elizabeth. Dr. Yes joins the battle and fights his way to find Boris and then the last number was counted and the missile was away. Dr. Yes now has to hope that the missile will hit his missile. Then later on the missile was destroyed and everybody at Dr. Yes’s lair cheered and was happy it worked out. Dr. Yes’s made it to Boris and Boris kicked his gun and they started fighting and then he beats up Boris badly and Dr. Yes said “Why you wanted to do this?” Boris explained that he wants to be so powerful that he could do whatever he wants and he want to make revenge to people who putted him in jail. Boris told Dr. Yes that he has information about his parent’s deaths and so Boris have the information to him in a folder and then he said “You can have Aisha and farewell Brandon Ken Lee!” Boris has started the self destruct sequence and passed on. Everybody escaped the lair and then it blew up and Dr. Yes’s people have escaped in a battleship on the ocean. Dr. Yes smiled and Aisha, Glamorous and Elizabeth kissed Dr. Yes and they watch the smoke of the lair and they sailed away back to the lair. Until another day will come again.

The Adventure continues in Dr. Yes, Here We Go Again!

The End





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