What is succes?

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Submitted: June 14, 2014

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Submitted: June 14, 2014



What's succes?

What is succes, that question I ask myself every single day of the week.
What is it? Is it something you do and feel great about it, or when you do something that you could never do before?
Once you make a decission, you need to stick to that decission, or else I won't be prepared for my big life goals.
If your life goals fail, you will feel worthless, you will feel like fucking shit.
Even if you just fail one goal in life, you hate yourself. But why do we fail?
Why do people fail? Because they can't? Or just because they can but don't do anything for it?
My granddad always said you can do anything if you want to, and I live by those words. 
If you want to be good in math, start studying, if you want to be a professional Baseball player start playing,
just do anything to get to your goal.
And yeah, I know you can't always do anything to achieve something, sometimes you got told that you can't,
and then your body starts taking over that negative energy of those people and you think you can't do it, while you can.
You just need something that motivates you. A song, a person, a picture,... Just something. 
When people say to you that you're special, you've to believe you are!
No one tells you that to just see your face expression, they tell you that to inspire you, to motivate you.
So you can do anything. I have certain friends who do that for me. My best mate has a depression, but he keeps going like nothing
happend. Like no one can make him feel bad. But deep down inside, he's broken and I help him with that.
This week, my finals are coming up. If I screw these up, I need to do my year over. I studied the shit out of my self, because I can.
And you can too! Just believe in yourself!
When you feel empty on the inside, that means you just need someone. Find that someone and keep him or her.
That's what makes you succesfull. Not being rich and having the best life on planet Earth. Being happy and living the life
you want to live, that's when you're succesfull. 

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