Just Love Him

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People judge you for who you love, and this poem is to say, so what? This is about a girl who has a gay friend, but everybody picks on him.

NOTE: Y'know, I wrote this a while ago, and I thought it was horrible. I only just re-read it and I realise it says everything I want it to. I believe that you should love whoever it is you love, and I'm so glad this poem holds that message. This comes from the heart, my lovelies.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



Just Love Him

You're a key without a lock,

You're the one that everybody loves to mock,

You're a tortoise without a shell,

You alarm them, giving off a warning bell,

You're a bird without a song,

They all walk away, they think you're what's wrong,

You're a question with no answer,

But I can truly see,

That you're everything bright, you're waiting to be free.

You love another man, but nobody should care,

Everybody around you sneers,

Life just isn't fair,

They kick you about and tear at your heart,

They bicker and bitch,

They're tearing you apart.

I glue you together, trying to be rid of each crack,

All you can do is quiver away,

I'll forever have your back,

I just need to ask a favour, something to put me at ease,

I need you to just love him,

Be you... please!

You're radiant and you deserve his love,

You're an angel,

You're a gift sent from above,

You're as worthy as anybody else in this world,

I don't care who you love, because I love you.

I'll help with the suffering, I'll pull you through,

I'll tear them up when they kick you around,

He'll even help me, you'll see it too,

That all that really matters is he honestly loves you...

The message to this poem is clear to me,

That you should love who you love, no matter who that may be,

And no matter what, God will love you too,

Not everybody will, but who really cares?

Believe me, they mean it when they say life just isn't fair...

This comes from the heart, and this poem means so much to me (I'm a huge LGBT supporter, wooh!). So I hope you like it - or hate it, whatever floats your boat.

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