World's hate.

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Something I wrote for an English assignment.

Submitted: December 08, 2008

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Submitted: December 08, 2008




Hate consumes, like a gasoling fed flame.

Targeting anyone and everyone, we're all to blame.

Seeing it wherever you may go.

Even if it seems peacful, hate always seems to show.

Don't people see what they do to each other?

Now and again people even come to hate their own brother.

Why does the world accept this hate?

As though it were out destined fate.

Hate favishes like a plague through the land.

Never stopping at those who need a hang.

Hat is in all of us, just waiting to break free.

But don't let hate be YOUR destiny.

Instead show love were others have not.

Shove out the hate, and let it rot.

People don't think about the things they do.

And how it can hurt other badly, even you.

Try to show the light in the world.

The hate has blinded most of us here.

Many of us are blined and we begin to disapear.

Hate isn't a problem you tell yourself.

You can easily realize however it's bad for your health.

Hate consumes all that it can.

Don't subcome to the hate, don't be a fan.

You and I can beat it if we stand.

So come now and join me, grab my hand.

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