Burn the Witch

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Submitted: January 31, 2016

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Submitted: January 31, 2016



She does dark magic in this land,

for she writes with her left hand.

Burn her! Burn that Witch!

She is the only one the writes like that,

so she must wear a witch's hat.

Burn the witch! Burn her now!

She gives us only uneasy fear,

so she must be burned far from here.

Burn her! The one who writes with her left hand!

Everyone who sees her write,

says that she is secretely a witch at night.

Burn her! She writes different from us!

I wish my fear would tell my why

I really want to see her cry.

Burn the witch! Until she dies!

When we are sure she is really dead,

we will hunt another and chop off their head.

Burn all the witches! Make them die!

We will continue on like this,

until we no longer wish.

© Copyright 2019 Emroni Masepp. All rights reserved.

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