Love is love no matter what.

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Debating if love is strong enough to be between two homosexuals. A belief in gay marriage.

Submitted: July 12, 2009

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Submitted: July 12, 2009



For or against gay marriage is a very common question and debate around the world. Most people are against gay marriages according to their personal religions and beliefs. I honestly don’t see what is so wrong with gay marriages.
If you were to look through the dictionary at the word “love” you would find
“a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person,” another person, meaning any gender. “Marriage” in the dictionary is, “When two people that love each other, and decide they want to spend the rest of their life together,” two people meaning either sex also.
Most people blame wanting gay marriage outlawed on their religion. I personally think it’s because they use the religion as an excuse because they don’t have a better excuse. Since Christianity is the most popular religion where I live, I’ll use it as an example. God thinks homosexuality is an abomination, meaning hate, but he also thinks the following is abominations: “Divorce, Idolatry, Lying, and Remarriage to a former wife after she has been married to another man, Idols, and Adultery.” All of us have done at least one. So why is Homosexuality so hated?
“Federal Law should not discriminate in anyway against gays and lesbian couples, which is precisely what Defense of marriage act does.” This is what our president of the United States think, Barack Obama. The defense of marriage act is the federal government may not treat same sex marriages for another even if concluded or recognized by one of the few states that does allow same sex marriages. This is meaning if you were to get married in another state you would not be able to live or visit another state that doesn’t allow gay marriage. Discrimination is illegal for age, gender, race, or religion. So why is discrimination for sexual orientation so common?
Homosexuals can only live as married in the following places Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Vermont, Washington, Oregon, Finland, France, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Israel, and New Zealand. Which are only twenty three places in the whole world, why can heterosexuals’ get married everywhere?
Heterosexuals have a 46% divorce rate, and Homosexuals divorce rate is 7%. Which proves, that homosexuals do have better divorce rates, so shouldn’t more people want homosexuals to be happy? Why can’t people just let everyone be happy? It’s not like homosexual relationships doesn’t work out, 93% of all homosexual marriages does work out. Which is actually really good, compared to only 54% of heterosexual marriages does work out.
Why exactly do so many people hate Homosexuals? That question has no answer. 30% of all suicides are done by homosexuals, and studies say that most of them are because they are hated. Would it be so hard to just let people be happy, instead of them lying dead?
Most people don’t think homosexuals are even successful, although most homosexuals are very successful. Clay Aiken; was runner up on season two on American Idol. Ellen DeGeneres; She hosts the award winning syndicated talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Rosie O’Donnell; is an American television host, stand-up comedian, actress, singer, and author. Lindsay Lohan; is an American actress, model, and pop music singer. All of these are very successful people with very successful careers.
I personally am straight, I only like guys and I don’t ever see myself going to another “team” but I don’t see why so many people discriminate to bisexuals or homosexuals. Bisexuals at least have a small break between the cruelties from other people when there with the opposite sex. Homosexuals don’t have a break; they fight for what they believe in. 
Why try to hate people when you can just give them a break? It’s there life; let them live it the way they want to. Life is way too short, to live unhappy and trying to live by others perspective on life. Everyone only has one life to live so whatever sexual orientation you choose, fight for it. It’s your life.
Through out this whole paper, there are a lot of questions, unanswered. I tried, to find the answers to every question. I didn’t have much luck; I learned that there isn’t a right answer, there isn’t even an answer. People hate so many homosexuals for no reason at all, which is completely unfair. Discrimination is against the law and it should be for sexual orientation too.

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Love is love no matter what.

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