A Day At Its Darkest

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Me and my best friend, Alex, collaborated and created a short story. He came up with the idea of a rainbow unicorn flying through space and so we built up on it. The black writing is mine and the dark grey is his. Despite the strange and total epic-ness of it, I hope you guys enjoy this piece!

Submitted: July 05, 2012

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Submitted: July 05, 2012




The sun shined down and warmed a grassy area that lazily rolled with the soft breeze. A colorful figure came into view, it was a rainbow unicorn. The rainbow pattern on its skin was radiating from the sun, becoming a wonder of beauty to other life forms.
All other life turned to the light spectacle for reinsurance and safety. The unicorn made its job to protect the lesser forms from evil and famine. But one day, a normal day with the sun out and the unicorn out basking in its rays, a call was heard. Not a shout or a yelp but a high pitched howl. The unicorn jumped to his feet, trying to regain himself to focus on what was happening. Slowly and surely, the land began to darken as black misty clouds cover the sky. The unicorn, bewildered at what was happening right before him, stood with absolute purpose at top of his hill to find and stop whatever is causing the dark day.
The unicorn desperately gazed down at the hill, scanning to see what the cause of trouble may be. From the corner of his eye, he saw darkened shapes on the bottom of the hill. They appeared to be hooded, and a strange dark light glowed around them, giving them an ominous appearance. They stood and raised their arms towards the sky, and the clouds blackened. Rain started to pelt down on the unicorn, and the grass started to wither away. Yowls of terror was heard around him, and with rage, he galloped down towards the hooded shapes. 
As he drew closer and closer, the surrounding was getting darker and darker. A black fog rolled in, and the rain that pelted down was staining his pelt. The astonishing colors of red, blue, and purple all faded to a dark grey. He trotted forward, gritting his teeth, breathing heavily with rage. Who were these people or things, he did not care anymore. They came to his world, his land, his world of color, and turned it black. He hears footsteps behind him and he dashes around, ready for the hooded figures to appear, his head down and eyes narrowed. A small bunny, covered in black goo, slowly wobbled his way over. He lifted his hand and tried to speak, his mouth open but no words came out. Then death. He fell at the unicorn's feet. The black goo around his figure melted and then soaked into the ground, there was no bunny left. The green grass turned black. The unicorn gazed down. What is happening to my world. . .
Trees shriveled and melted away, and thunder boomed the sky. The unicorn saw the hooded shapes, not paying attention to him as they continue their cruel work. Exploding with anger, the unicorn sprinted towards one of them, and stabbed at it with his horn. A bloodcurdling shriek came from the dark threat, and a new color of red splashed onto the already colorless world, staining and spreading around. The unicorn twisted mercilessly and shook the corpse off his horn, glaring at the other figures. A set of white fangs grinned back at him, as if they accepted the challenge. With rage, the unicorn dashed towards them, and the figures merely dodged him. A deep chuckle came out from them, as if it was just a game to them. They looked at one another, nodded, and started to float above the ground. Astounded, the unicorn jumped and tried to catch one of them, but fell. He fell onto the corpse, and the glow from the original owner suddenly became his. As the unicorn saw the dark light around him, he focused on the flying figures, and began to float.
He was floating. The dark figures around him started an evil hissing laugh. The blood from his first victim ran down his face. Up up and away, up through the black fog. He could see his land and more figures. The life being drained, the color being washed away like a hand over salt. Up up and through the black clouds that rained the goo down. Now it was just him and the figures, their laugh turned to a low hum, the glow around him vanished and black ropes came round and tied his legs up. Now floating, tied up, God knows how far up. The unicorn screamed in anger. Words couldn't be formed only shouts and yells in his blood thirsty rage. The ropes tightened and the figures came closer, the hum getting louder, their smiles and fanged teeth getting bigger. The unicorn shook and tossed around, trying to break free, trying to escape. Then the figures were right next to him, they stick their skinny arms out. He thrashed one last time, and a rope broke.
A sudden boost of hope filled the unicorn and he struggled at the ropes. Snap, snap. The ropes were broken off and the unicorn was free. Bewildered, the figures only had a moment to realize what just happened until the unicorn once again stabbed at one of them. The spine chilling scream began, and was cut off short when the unicorn performed the finishing twist with his horn. The dark glow became his once again, and the figure fell, falling through space and into nothing, eternally falling. Blood trickled down the unicorn's flank, and a soft gasp was heard from one of the figures. They started to fly, and it was like a game of tag. The unicorn narrowed his eyes, his mane angrily whipping at his face, and the dark glow he obtained gave him a newfound speed. The light brightened a little, for the glow from the first victim began to reappear. With the combined glows, the unicorn caught up to another one of the figures, and thrusted his horn into it. Another shriek, another twist, a final gasp, and another figure to fall to its eternal damnation. The glow brightened around the unicorn. Now there was only one figure left, and they stayed there, dark and light glows floating, staring with hatred at each other.
The figure relaxed its stance and stood. Grinning at the blood covered unicorn, he lowered his head and pointed the red spike at him.
"Ahhtatata, I wouldn't do that," words were said, light and clear from the dark figure.
The unicorn raised his head. His face still enthralled with anger, but he was puzzled. 
"What is it you think you gain from killing us?" spoke the figure again in a whisper. 
"The safety of my people from you black abominations. I don't know who you are or what, but I've already killed four of you and I won't stop with you!" The unicorn tensed as he spoke. 
"Save your people? Of that world? The one. . . Over there?" 
The unicorn turned around to see a dark, smokey, and gloomy planet. He saw the blackness slowly envelope the world. He trembled in fear and pain. 
"Now tell me, how do you plan to save that which is already doomed?" 
He looked back, the figure moved closer. The hood removed. But still shadowed, the blackness of space still shrouded her appearance. 
"Give up fair unicorn," the voice was of a woman. "Give up now and spare us the effort of tearing your limbs off one by one. . ." her eyes were wide and pulsed red.
Her grin stretched to her ears and she hummed the low dark hum once before. She was close now, almost touching him. He yelled and kicked her back, then in a flash he was turned around and raced at her. 
Silence, not even a shriek or a cry, the figure laid fitted nicely with the horn in her stomach. 
"I don't know how I'll do it but my world will be back. I'll start by killing. Every. Last. One. Of. You." 
The blood poured down the unicorns face. He lashed and threw the figure off. On her face was the same grin and pulsing eyes. Her glow faded and shot over to the unicorn.
As the unicorn watched her fall, the last of her glow combined with the other figures' glows within the unicorn. The light brightened and only grew brighter. Puzzled, the unicorn watched as the light radiated at him. Suddenly, a faint spot of color was appearing on his grayed flank. The dark colors slithered away, and the spot became bigger and bigger. The familiar colors of the rainbow flowed down the unicorn's body, thus completing him back to his original being. Amazed, the unicorn looked at his blackened world. A ray of light shot out from him, piercing through the dark clouds. The light was swallowed from the darkness. A moment passed, and the unicorn worriedly waited. An explosion of light came, bursting through the dark clouds. A dark light seemed to gather up, forming a menacing shadow as if to fight off the brightness. The brightened light formed its own shadow, larger than the darkened one, and clawed at it. The darkness grew smaller and smaller until it was gone, and the light turned back to the colorless world. It circled around it like a cloud, shooting rays of light onto the ground. The unicorn saw colors appearing once again, and realized that the light within him is recreating his world again. Ray after ray, colors rose up and brightened the world with its greens and blues. After the light has done its job, it gathered and shot back at the unicorn, absorbing into him. He fell back a little from the impact. A new feeling within him came, and curiously, he floated down to his world. It was bright, warm, and colorful. The grass stood up, the trees grew back to its place, and flowers sprung from the ground. A colorful blob of goo was forming a puddle, then a shape, and the bunny that died before him was alive again. Gaping with astonishment, the unicorn watched as life began to build itself up and flourish. All of the life forms came back, stumbling from the impact, but smiling at one another. They all saw the unicorn, and gathered around him, cheering and grinning. The unicorn's heart warmed. I did it. . . I saved them. . . he smiled. 
"The dark lights combined created a brighter light within your soul," a whisper was heard. "You're the true protector." 
Puzzled, the unicorn wondered where the whisper came from, but shrugged. He saved his world, that's all that mattered.

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