A Dying Fire.

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One of my darker and favorite poems that also deals with a past and painful experience with heartbreak.

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012



Abandonment due to the hopelessness of my heart.
You know better than to play with such fragile treasure
Yet you toyed with it and eventually broke it carelessly,
Leaving me to my suffering in the dark lonely corner of my mind.
I was only devoted to my heart and yet you then took advantage.
A feeling of emptiness was all that I gained from you.
You mean to say that I mindlessly followed to meet my fate?
I've always thought that there was a feeling, just a little feeling.
Yes, a spark but no flame.
I give myself the blame . . .
As I relocked the doors to my heart, you threw away the key.
Perhaps I'm finally free, but why am I still in pain?
I stayed in my corner and let the dark shadows consume me.
Maybe I'll know better and the fire might build up again.
But until then, the only obstacle along the path is how can you heal
A heart that can no longer feel?

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