Just Forget Me

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Ever brought pain to someone and tried to get away from them but they wouldn't let you? The love they have for you but the pain you have for them, it just doesn't work. The only solution there is for you is to have them forget about you.

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012




Why is it that you made some room for me in your heart
When I don't even belong there?
How could you come to me with a shining smile
When all I can do is wipe the smile off your face?
You're better off without me anyway,
So leave me out of your perfect world.
A world that stays bright and beautiful,
While mine stays dark and corrupted.
You say that I break your heart when I leave,
But I only leave to prevent further damage into your heart.
Breaking while being there . . . breaking while away . . .
I can't win with you.
Don't breathe in my polluted atmosphere,
Stay in your pure world.
One that doesn't involve me.
I wish the best for you as I make my departure,
Though I must ask this:
Why me?
How did I manage to obtain that special place in your heart?
The reward that I don't deserve to have?
You bring peace and happiness,
I bring pain and destruction.
Like a tornado that whirls through a city and puts it to ruins,
A storm that carries terror and death as it approaches you,
A beast without control . . .
I'm sure you realized your mistake.
I grimace from the pain I cast upon you.
Though I did warn you,
Beware of me.
Perhaps you'll recover once I leave.
Don't waste your innocent tears on me, 
I'm not worth them.
Find someone with promise.
Try to make the right choice.
And most importantly,
Forget about my existence.

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