Life on Paper

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A poem written By me and my friends...

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



Life on paper

Try read us like a book,
we warn you now,
you won't have much luck.
Things aren't always as they appear,
in our minds we're hidden away,
and thats what we fear,
at work in our heads,
we scream and shout,
we need to get out.

The need to run,
the need to hide,
to stop the voices inside,
they won't stop,
they just keep coming,
and that is why,
we keep on running.

I know you don't see it,
but you must understand,
We're stuck with it now,
not like it was planned,
don't know how it started,
or how it will end,
to you we look normal,
thats how we pretend.

We are here,
please don't make us shout,
in a room full of people,
don't let us fade out,
We look in a mirror,
just stand and stare,
it's a faded image,
of what once was there.

Infront of you,
we will try not to cry,
but the tears just fall,
escaped from inside.
breathe and breathe,
we are not on show,
find a safe place,
so you'll never know.

The words they hurt,
just think what you say,
they haunt our dreams,
each night and day,
We see our lives,
go past our eyes,
things we would change,
but they've had their time.

nicotine and sugar,
are the drugs we need,
though they won't last long,
it's our addictions we feed.
panic we will,
if theres nothing to do,
keep us busy,
that'll see us through.

If you are around,
we will always try avoid,
don't think were being rude,
don't be annoyed,
We feel under-pressure,
pushed into a space,
just want to get away,
so we can bury our face.

Just make it go away,
don't wanna do it anymore,
feels like were falling,
we'll soon hit the floor.
Talk to a brick wall,
you never seem to hear,
we fear we will loose,
all the things we hold dear.

how do we sit,
and what do we say,
things we must overcome,
and deal with everyday.
the things we lock up,
they must stay hidden,
to speak them out loud,
is completely forbidden.

so scared that our screct,
will be conversed,
don't make a fuss,
it will only make it worse.
don't treat us differently,
were just like you,
i bet that deep down,
you have your own problems too.

negative thoughts,
run through our brain,
word by word,
they drive us insane,
the rage kept inside,
where people can't see,
We want to scream and scream,
wont it just let us be.

get out of our minds,
stay out of our heads,
over and over,
these words are said,
but we are never alone,
we will never succeed,
we just keep on running,
so we can be freed.

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