Valentina Vixen Adventures

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Part of a book called Valentina Vixen Adventures. I am writing very short stories for children. Each adventurous mini story written to capture a childs imagination. As when my imagination is in the story as I am writing I'd like the reader to embrace to story so the reader takes the same journey as the writer. If you like childrens stories then Come meet Valentina Vixen in the Serins forest Valley. (It's not complete yet. it is an ongoing progress, I also have illustrations yet to be added :) xx

Submitted: December 30, 2012

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Submitted: December 30, 2012



Hide & Seek


Hello My names Valentina vixen and I'm a fox, I live in the Nelix's fox den of the Serins forest valley. What brings you here? Do you want to play hide and seek with me? I promise I'm a friendly fox.


So go hide and I shall count to ten. You have the birds to guide you and the scent of the flowers to follow. Use your imagination and pretend you are surrounded by trees and wood land. And you can hear the birds singing and the rustling of leaves in the wind. The sun in the blue sky as you look up. There are other animals too. I can see a deer poking its head from around a tree. And I can see butterflies with pretty little wings flying gracefully all around. Now go, go hide and I shall count to ten, then come and find you.


Where are you going to hide? Maybe behind a big old tree, or under a bush. No-one will see you you there. Or maybe you could follow the deer and hide in his home or hide in the flowers. No wait, I've got it. You are only small you can hide in the long tall grass. Its perfect no one will ever find you there. Just be careful not to go in too far though, there's a lake near by with a hungry crocodile, we wouldn't want you to fall in it.


OK your in your top secret hiding spot, now you must be quiet you don't want to be found straight away. Shhh!!! It's very quiet now isn't it? 8 9 10 Coming ready or not. I open my eyes and look around, you are no longer in sight. Wow your really good at hiding. And your not making a noise this is going to be really fun. Where could you be? Are you in a tree? I bet your a really good climber. But no your not in the trees. Are your in the flowers? Mmm those flowers smell nice but I cant see you. What about under that bush? Yuk it's all muddy under this bush I don't think you'll be hiding in here.


Ohh I can't find you anywhere. Oh no maybe you've been eaten by the hungry crocodile. I think you should shout I'm here just so I know you're still okay. I didn't hear you, shout it again. Yes I heard you and I know which direction that came from. It came from the long tall grass. Ahh there you are I found you! Good job, your really good at hiding. You didn't see the hungry crocodile did you? He’s not very nice, but the butterflies and the deer are. Maybe next time we play we should explore, wouldn't that be fun? Bye for now.

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