To be Afraid of the Dark

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Just a short piece i had to write for a class several years ago, thought i'd throw it up...

Submitted: June 11, 2010

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Submitted: June 11, 2010



To be Afraid of the Dark

Fear and fright, uncertainty and doubt, wonder and bewilderment. Staring around, the boy saw little but a black chasm waiting to engulf him. Fear wrapped its malevolent self tightly around his legs and crept slowly and painfully upon his chest. Fright took him yet he could feel no life within his body; it was broken to him, shattered before a paralysing dismay that rendered all but his horror-ridden mind obsolete. Darkness filled the four corners of his solitary room, and with the creaking of the wind and the thrashing of the outside trees, the walls seemed to enclose around him. And from that, he panicked to the sound of squawking crows upon his windowsill, the faint pale light of the moon, reflecting of the trees, casting a tormenting shadow about him. He felt the needed to scream or cry in agony, butsurely felt the overpowering roar of the wind would bury his unheard pleas for help; he was alone. He turned his head slightly, yet fixing his eye where he once though the door stood, he tried to become one with his surroundings. All felt cold and unearthly, chilling to his very touch but nonetheless, his body began to respond. Yet with every inch he moved, his arms recoiled only to turn and venture further into all that lay unknown to him. His fingers trembled to what seemed like a trail of wind, or mist, wrapping itself around the sleeve of his arm and stretching up his body. A slow painful wonder befell him until a light shone in the corner of his eyes and there before him, the cracks of the door appeared. Yet from the darkness, he saw little and heard only the slow beating upon the stone floor, cold like ice, hard like metal. He recoiled as before him the door opened and his sight was blinded to rays of silver and white, gleaming from a makeshift sun, hanging before his eyes. And a figure now stood in his way, tall like a shadow lit by white fire. Hidden was his face until he himself emerged and with that, the light shone to all corners of the boy’s room, and the fear was lifted. With a welcoming smirk, the man stood before his cowering younger brother and to him, he said “Hey! The powers back on!”

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