Christmas has come to town

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A yuletide poem for the festive season.

What a beautiful scene is laying before me.

The hazy winter sunshine, glistening on freshly fallen snow

Gives you the feeling of a bright white coat engulfing a colourful wonderland

As yet untouched by human kind.

As the sun rises higher and the haze starts to clear,

My first breaths of cold, fresh air shock my lungs.

I see myself exhale, my breath rushes from my mouth,

My heart and my spirit soar upwards after it.

Christmas is near, the festive season is upon us.

The children dance and play in the white blanket around me.

Their faces gleaming, laughter ringing out with cheers and shouts,

It truly is a time for celebration.

Decorations adorn every porch and christmas tree.

The lights can be seen blinking and flickering in the snow.

Snowmen have been built in the gardens around about,

Christmas truly has come to  town.


Submitted: December 07, 2010

© Copyright 2021 endevour. All rights reserved.

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