The Wanderings of a Lonely Space Explorer

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More of snippet than a short story really but this was the category it seemed to fit best in. If you'v read this far you might as well read the story since its about as long.

Submitted: February 24, 2015

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Submitted: February 24, 2015



The Longings of a lonely Space Explorer

Oh how i long for earth, hundreds of years have I roamed the stars all alone. I have seen many wonders unimaginable to one unlike me. I have seen fields of crystal flowers, rivers of fire, golden deserts,  oceans of silver, mountain of diamonds and islands of clouds. And yet none of these even compare to the beings I have met or animals I have observed. I have seen everything that ever entered the realm of human imagination from dragons to angels. I have seen many things that defy and logical thought or scientific law. Cities made of ice that never melts or a fortress nestled inside the belly of a volcano. And yet, through all these things I have only one longing. The embrace of another welcoming me back and listening to my many stories. Space the final frontier, infinitely vast; wonderfully full of unheard of marvels and yet infinitely empty. This is the report and complaint of an eternal wanderer doomed to forever explore the marvels of space alone.  

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