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Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012




I like knowing of sex as the person who is not the sinner.Seeing is aiding to knowledge.  I am complete in my knowledge of evil.  Blasphemy?  They say it knowingly, but they are unwise to the ultimatum.  For I am evil incarnate to the very bone.  Knowledge of evil encompasses the true form of god.  Sight and sound and touch.  Less knowing is not my shape, nor is yours if you believe.  All knowing is truth.  I am exposed.  I am knowing.  I am in control... therefore I am controlling.  I am not the participant but the reacting...  In hell abides the whore whom I am well acquainted and befriending for I am her servant as well as yours.  Popes and Priests think they are not privy to hell... but it is our duty to dwell where we are needed.  True Saints are their own demons positioned to dutiful belonging in both heaven and hell...  If you think you can rise in the ranks of god and not then roam deeper into the pits of hell, then you are the greatest of all fools.....!

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