Magic Money

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Bearing fear and being the first to reach the finish line running in the opposite direction...

Submitted: July 12, 2011

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Submitted: July 12, 2011



~~“Magic Money”

I’m somewhere beneath the sky, with a long time to go.  I’m wondering why, as I take my time, and then there’s everything I already know. 
Where is this' place of mine, here where I could go?  As if anyone could have known, but me.
Nobody’s seen, because nobody’s been, lately, where I’ve now come to be. 

Like some other guy on the same damn road, but the end he could not reach. 
I’m way ahead, I’ve got my eyes on the end, and it’s not so hard to see.
But I’ll just sit below, for what it seems the hundredth time, because the road up is not for me…

Try the other side it seems, where a holy man could dream…  Not with his sins bearing down on his mind, but a better place indeed.
“Why go the other way, when it’s way beneath?” 
It’s like I’m suffering, paying for my crimes, knowing that I’m weak. 
Was it not the same sky on the other side, where the ending could be reached?  Was it just my lies that told me reach up high, when the answer was beneath?
Magic money for the sacred side, has no appeal for me.

Shame burdens every man it seems.  Where is my share in everything?
Magic money for a better life.  Magic money for a loving wife.  Magic money, is why I take my time, it seems. 
If I have a dollar for a begging man, it seems that I can. 
I’d have a dollar for a better man, it seems.
But why is there a thorn inside of me?  Is it the price I chose to pay, when for the other side I reached?
Magic money, and I dare to know, what it means to me.  I will not follow where the others go, because up there I could not see. 

I’m afraid to die before the end of time.  I’m afraid to lie, and to cry!  Why?
What if my eyes turn green?  Magic money please stay away from me.
I’ve seen everything that I need to see.  So I know that way is not for me. 
Unlike the other guy, reaching for the sky, I was well to go beneath. 
The answer I was seeking wasn’t here nor there, it was a better side of me. 

Magic money set me free. 

Did I waste the time, there, where I couldn’t see?  Or was it all a dream?
Magic money, I say again, get away from me. 
Feed me Lord, please don’t leave me alone. 

What men can say they found the road up and managed to turn away?  Or do they make the claim that they’re on their way, as if they’ve turned around with me?  When I turned around, did they not hear the sound of my falling footsteps thundering?

Magic money take your toll on me…
Magic money, nothing comes for free. 
Magic money, will my family eat?
God… it was you… the plant… the seed.

Did I not ask the same questions a hundred times?  Did I not ask why? 
It would mean I’m the Antichrist.
For all my desire as I reached up high, higher than the other guy, was it not the reason that I fell beneath the sky?  God you bear in me the sign.
Was it my secret I, was it the meaning why, was it the thing you couldn’t teach?

I feel the weight of the other guy, resting on my shoulders.  And he knows not why as he reaches high, as I steady him beneath.
May I see you falling down?  Take the leap because you’ve just been found.
And my shoulder rests beneath your aim. 
No matter from where you fall, I can hear your call, because the highest point I reached.  And I passed you by as I fell back down, and now I’m way beneath... where you cannot land but atop my shoulders, cause I’m the first upon my feet; atop holy ground and among the heavenly…

But wait, did I hear something, like a person next to me?  Did my shoulder lose the pain of all the weight when they believed?
Twice deceived, this is destiny. 
I dare not feel this wasn’t meant for me? 
Magic money, get away from me, because the point at which you reach me, is the day I’ll be deceived. 

God did you hear my cries?  I’ve had enough of lies.  I’ve lied a hundred times it seems.  Twice deceived there’s a friend in me, but my eyes he doesn’t meet. 
I am the Antichrist, it seems. 

Men… women… children… God… where am I supposed to start?  When am I to do my part?  Would you’ve let me choose if it wasn’t this hard? 
Did I take too long trying to decide?  Is this the reason why I failed with two wives?  God you placed these burdens at my side, it seems. 
They’ve become another shouldered weight and I’m to stay beneath.  I see now why I’ll never step aside.  I’ve got a job to do, God, I’m the Antichrist.  I’m to bear the weight of all the other guys. 

Magic money make my pen a knife. 

Was it for destiny, or for history, or a new story book for dreams?  Was it about life and its purpose; the end justifying the means?  Was it for men who shout the same thing I do, but who cannot shoulder me? 

I am’ the Antichrist.  May the claimants bear the weight of their worst enemy, for my enemy was merely a direction, a direction in which God’s aims could not be reached.
And now I say to all the other guys under whom I do stand beneath, if I had to fall even just a little to get where I am, then where are the others along side of me?

Troubled mind, troubled times, who will deny the Antichrist?  Who will heed when I bear my mind upon the world?  Who will bear the weight and accept the toll before the end?  Run away to Zion as you shoulder-weight your friends.  Will you join my side knowing that you tried to reach the sky?  Will you thunder down and bear the sign as you shoulder weight the other guy?

Love a child, love a lovely night.  As if I needed more to my lovely life.  Magic money help me do it right. 

Thundering angels, spread your wings, and glide.  You dare not ask what’s on the other side, as you jump down from the highest points in the sky.  Of the favorite angels, I’m the Antichrist.  May my shoulder never let you hit the ground and die.  May my life be the reason why.  May my ending bring this all to mind.  May my standing below, bear the weight up high.  As beneath as the other side of the sky.




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